Bloody Carnival


Bloody Carnival
A Poem by Coyote Poetry

HIV, Starvation and War. Hard to see the good in this world.

Bloody Carnival

Disoriented and disenchanted with my world around me.

The carnage and blood thirst of war overpowered the men and
woman of peace.

Asylum of crazed leaders need to be put down like rabid dogs.
The innocent children are betrayed and dismissed as only
body counts.

Causes and clauses blind the common man.
We must stand in the place of the people in the war zones.

Feel the fear and emotion of death always being near.
Hunger and violence all around you.

The bloody Carnival of death growing by the second.

In Africa today.
30,000 will die of starvation.
30,000 will die of HIV.
Pray for men, woman and children fighting to stay alive.

More Soldiers to Afghanistan.
Going to places who do not want our help.

They want to be left to their own decisions.
Their direction and dreams must be allowed to happen.

The obsession and desire for more blood will destroy all that
is beautiful and good.

The horrendous cost of war could feed and give a place
to live to every human being in this world.

The tyrants and men of hate.
Must learn from the men and woman in their countries.
War must end.

Mercy for the children.
Everywhere please.

22 June 2009

© 2011 Coyote Poetry