We have no peace in our world. How many days of war do we need before we seek peace?

Jews killed in concentration camps in WW2 by hatred. So much death and the wars kept on coming. No victor in war. The hate is alive and well today.

WW2 support to be the last war. We are on the road to world destruction. Israel want to force a world war. Iran is raising cane. Need to gather the wise people of the Middle East to a meeting. We don’t want a world war. Do you want your brother, son,husband, wife or daughter to die for land that was once shared in friendship for thousand of years by Jews and Arabs? Look at some of my pictures. I have seen what war does. War cannot create peace. Only children raised to revenge the blood of family. I want my children and grand children to have a chance. All children need a chance. The boy or girl kill by a stray bomb or bullet. Could of been the light to lead us to peace.

Oil fires in Iraq war one.

Death Valley. A Army destroyed in minutes.

Rachel Corrie. A life shield killed by Israel Soldiers.

How many more people must die for peace?

A wide view of Death Valley.