The water, sky and the earth. Chapter 1-11

The Water, Sky and the Earth.

Chapter one.   Description of character and introduction into the story.

Coyote- A Ojibwa/Mexican wild in spirit. Trying to figure out some reason to be alive.
He wants to do the right things. Confused by the hate and abuse of the land, water and air by the greed of men. Why does man want to destroy the beautiful forest and streams?

Little Wolf- A Cherokee  fearless woman seeking to repair damage done by Man’s hunger to own everything. Soft brown eyes. Flowing red hair like fire. Her beauty create fear in most men heart and soul.

Red Fox- A Cheyenne man seeking the next level of salvation. A 20 year Marine who won’t touch a gun or fight. He screams out in dreams. He don’t speak of War. He has pacifism tattoos on his arm. The moon and sun above the word. A large man with a big smile and strong handshake.

Silent Bobcat- A Ojibwa/white. She is the youngest of the group and still hopeful. Her white skin and smile break down walls of hurt and disappointment. A Grad of the University of Michigan. She write down great plans. Her positive outlook allowed the other to keep their dreams and hope alive.


Four people sat together on the Monterey Beach. Late 1994.
Coyote passed the cigarette to Silent Bobcat.
She asked him ” What will you do Coyote?
Your visions are  becoming true.
The visions you are having are getting stronger.”

Coyote stated Chief Seattle statement and question.
“How can you buy or sell the sky?
The land?
The idea is strange to us.
If we don’t own the freshness of the air
or the sparkle of the water.
How can you buy them?”

Red Fox asked “What the hell does that mean now?
Chief Seattle talk with common sense to deaf and
dumb men in Washington.
No different today then 150 years ago.”

Little Wolf smiles. Took the cigarette. Smoke it down to nothing.
“We took the journey together.
Follow the Apache way to see.
Now the visions are coming true.”

Coyote told her ” It is too late.
Iraq drops million of gallons of diesel into the water.
The wars are here.
World is in dismay.
We have 26 years to fix a problem no-one want to know about.
We can’t stop the poisoning of the water and the air?”

Silent Bobcat eyes are burning with anger.
“If we don’t stop the pollution.
Disease will begin the final journey of all Earth’s people.
Including our brother’s and sister’s.
Coyote, you must write down the visions and tell someone.”

Red Fox smiles. He stood up. Reached for the sky.
He tried to cradle the moon.
He brought up Little Wolf.
They danced to the light of the moon.
Coyote and Silent Bobcat joined in.

The four met at a Pow Wow in Washington State.
Many years ago.
Became friends very quickly.
The were younger and braver then.
Heart and mind full of hope.

An Apache Shaman Don Joseph took them under his wing.
Taught them how to heal with natural medicine and herbs.
They learn from Don Joseph to open their eyes with peyote
and psychotropic plants.

Open their eyes to the true visions.
They discover what was hidden in their heart and souls.

Red Fox was having bad dreams too.
His visions of youth were coming true.
He saw death coming soon.
His time in Vietnam.
Taught him Death don’t give a shit who it takes.

Coyote asked Little Wolf.
“Who will believe an old man?
It has begun.
The poison in the water and air will create sickness.
Africa will go first.
Then Asia.
Europe is beginning now.
American will be last.
Youngest of found continents.
Their death will be the worst.
The hunger in America will destroyed
everything that is beautiful.”

Silent Bobcat told him.
“We have time.
We will find a way before the greed of men.
Killed off everything that is beautiful.”

Red Fox brought Little Wolf closer to him. Like he felt very cold.
He told them.
“Millions will died when the water and air turns to poison.
Viruses with no cure will kill cities off in days.
Will be no place to hide.
I saw myself in a big city.
Death is riding free and no-one will stop him.”

Four Native Americans sat together at the sea.
Prayer for Earth.
Prayer for peace.

Two men can see visions of the future.
The visions are coming true.

Little Wolf whisper.
“Pollution and science will kill us off.”

Coyote is dreaming.
He walks into his house.
The house smell of death.
A note on the table.
“We love you.
We will be waiting for you.
Loving wife.
June 16, 2020.”

He walks outside.
No cars.
No movement of life.

He looks to the sky.
Yells to God.
We killed off Mother Earth.
Falls to his knees and cries.


The Water, Sky and the Earth.

Chapter two

Where are the Pequot?
Where are the Narragansett?
The Mohican?
The Pokanoke and many other powerful
tribes of our people.

They have vanished before the avarice and the oppression
of the white man, as snow before a summer sun.
Well we let ourselves be destroyed in our turn
without a struggle, give up our homes, our country
bequeathed to us by the Great spirit, the graves of
our dead and everything that is dear and sacred to us?

I know you will cry with me,
“Never! Never!”.
Tecumseh of the Shawnees.

Winter is holding hard to the Northwest  coast.
Coyote decided to go into Tacoma,
Washington State for a Pow Wow.
It is early 1976. A wild and crazy year.

He joined the Army in 1975.
He wanted to go to Vietnam.
Damn war was ended before he finished Basic training.

He sat alone.
An older large Native American with a military hair cut sat with him.
He turned to Coyote.
Reached out his hand.
Told him “My name is Robert Lyon.
My friends call me Red fox.”

Coyote offered his hand out.
“My name is John Coyote.
My friends call me Coyote.”

Red Fox held his hand tightly for a moment.
Told him “You have a terrible haircut.
Are you Army?”
Coyote smiled at the big man.
“Yes I’m in the Army.
I’m pissed off.
I wanted to go to Vietnam.
Damn War ended.”

Red Fox lost his smile.
Told him.
“War is shit.
I was in Vietnam for three tours.
You are full of shit.
I danced in the fucking blood and swam in death.
I learn War is bullshit.”
He got up and left Coyote sitting alone.

Coyote sat alone awhile.
He felt the knowledge in the words.
He goes to Red Fox.
Told him “I was sorry for talking stupid.
I know I was lucky the War ended.”

Red Fox handed him a beer.
“Allow me to tell you a story.
About a Cheyenne boy who wanted to be a warrior.
Volunteers for a combat job.
I learn fool’s get their wishes.
Been a Marine for 10 years now.
Now I must learn to live with the deeds not spoken.”

Coyote listened and told him “I’m  at Fort Lewis waiting for the boat to Korea.
In three weeks I would be leaving.
A foolish Ojibwa/Mexican boy with no sense.
Volunteers to escape the shit of being poor and bore.”

The drums started to beat.
The circle dance of friendship has started.
A beautiful young Native American girl was dancing
and spreading the smoke of sage. To  welcome all.

A Apache chief. Chief Joseph was walking in the circle.
He told everyone “My name is Chief Joseph.
I’m a lost Apache bringing friendship to all who
want to join in the circle of friendship.”
He  spread the sage smoke around to sanitize the circle.

Coyote was walking with Red Fox.
Suddenly a hand grasped both their hands.
A beautiful fire-red hair girl.
Held their hand tightly.
She looked up and smile at Coyote.
She didn’t speak.
The drums were playing.
Somehow they become one in the walk in the circle of life.

They both sat in silence.
The drums were playing.
Create a peace.

The young girl came to them.
Reached her hand out.
“My name is Sara little Wolf.
My friends call me Little Wolf.”
She was barely eighteen years old.

Both men sat in silence.
She told them “I was Cherokee.
Born in N. Carolina mountains.”

Red Fox gave her a beer.
Told her “My name is Red Fox, Cheyenne.
A confused and lost Indian.
My friend name is Coyote.
A Ojibwa/Mexican.”

They touched beers.
Wished for better days.

Coyote drove his new two friend down the coastline
toward California.
Little Wolf sat in the middle.
It was a beautiful night.

Red Fox whisper.
“Let’s go to the Monterey Bay.
I have a lot of time to spare.”
Little Wolf smiled.
“No-one is missing me right now.”

Coyote watch the road and the ocean at the distance.
First time in a long time.
He desired people around him.

Both Little Wolf and Red Fox were sleeping.
He saw the road sign for Monterey.

Red Fox was moving and fighting battles in his dreams.
Little Wolf awake and caressed his head like a child.
He put his head into her shoulder.
She hum a song and caressed him into a peaceful sleep.
It was beautiful.

She held Coyote hand.
Keeping him awake.
“She ask what are your great plans?”

He smiles.
“Big Winter storm.
We will ride the biggest waves of the year.”

She smiled.
Told him.
“I will watch you challenge the ocean.
Nothing like two fool’s fighting a mountain.”

Coyote and Red Fox put on the wet suits.
Little Wolf sat by the fire drinking tequila
out of the bottle.

They ran into the ocean.
The storms of Winter.
Create the most powerful and dangerous waves.
Waves up to 50-100 feet toss and twist you back and fro.
Only safety is the suicide board and luck.

After one hour.
The cold of the sea can’t be accepted by the human body.
They returned to the fire.

Little Wolf looked so beautiful in the light of the fire.
Now three new friend sat together in a needed silence.
Waiting for the morning light.

The peace of the sea allow the soul and heart to rest.

In the morning they decided to go to Big Surf.
Do some rock climbing.
Try to get into open sea at Pfiefer Beach.

They arrive at the River Inn around 9 am.
Little  Wolf ran into a friend.
She brought him to them and introduce Chief Joseph.

Chief Joseph was tall and strong.
He ask “You guys are hungry?
Can make fresh fry bread and sausage.”

Everyone ate to heart content.

Chief Joseph asked could he tell a story?
They drank coffee and listen.
“I was a boy born in the New Mexico desert.
Apache were hated by the White and the Mexicans.
We were outcast.
Our families kept us strong.”

“My Grandfather was a medicine man for our small community.
He taught me how to heal with the plants of the desert.
He taught me many things that became important in my life.”

“I was a confuse boy who dreams of killing the Whites and Mexicans.
I wanted revenge for treating my people so badly.
My Grandfather taught me we are one.
He shows me us Native Americans screw up.”

Red Fox looks confused.
“You are telling me we screw up.
We didn’t steal the land.
We didn’t pollute the land.
Fight non-stop wars?”

Chief Joseph smiled.
” Yes we had a purpose.
The Native Americans were to protect Earth.

The Black people has the strength and wisdom.
They didn’t do too good either.

The yellow people kept their knowledge to themselves.
Cheating the world of wisdom and control.

The white people did too good.
Spreading the fire to every corner of the world.
Now the world is walking on a thin line of hope.

Apache, Cheyenne, Ojibwa and the Cherokee need to gather together.
Show the way to being kind to our Mother Earth.”

Little Wolf asked.
Is this possible?
“The greed and hate of the land of the greedy and powerful men and woman.
Can’t it be broken?
Their greed to destroy all that is beautiful is too strong.”

Coyote asked.
” I don’t believe we can see what you can see Chief Joseph?
Your eyes are old and wisdom come with time.”

He smiled at the three young Native Americans.
Tells them “I can help your journey.
I will allow you to be my last students.”

Coyote take Red Fox hands,
Little Wolf wraps her arms around him.
She whisper “Please let’s do this together.”

Red Fox smiled.
“Whisper can’t be no worst then the shit I seen already.”

The Water, Sky and the Earth
First steps        Part three

Our land is the dearest thing on Earth to us.
Men take up land and get rich on it,
And it is very important for us Indians to keep it.
White Thunder

Faith a beautiful thing.
So is tolerance.
Can’t we all just get along.
James Mannion

Chief Joseph was born in 1922.
In the eyes of the three.
He looks very old.
He asked “What were their plans for the day?’
Coyote  told him.
“We are going to Pfiefer Beach.
Try to get to the crystal.”
He smiles and told them.
“Something are protected by Nature strength.”

Red Fox told Little Wolf. “I feel bad.
The damn headaches  won’t go away.
I can’t sleep.”
She caressed his forehead.

Chief Joseph told him.
“I will make my special tea for you.
Cure for headaches.”
They watched the old man using the portable stove.
He told them.
“Some cranberry and honey cleanse the body and soul.”

He asked them.
“Are you three ready for field trip?
I would take you to a special place.
A hard climb.
You can swim in the water of the Great Spirit.”

Coyote told him.” I have two weeks free. ”
Red Fox told him “I have three weeks till I have to report back.”
Little Wolf smiled. Tells him “I need to make one phone call.
I’m in.
How far must we go?”

Chief Joseph told them. “We will be camping on the Diablo range.
A two hours drive.
A good place to find quiet and peace.
Best climbing and you can touch the sky at  the same points
with the Eagles and the Hawks.”

The tea was strong and sweet of honey.
Red Fox smiled.
Told the Chief.
“The tea is amazing.
My headache is gone.”

Chief Joseph told them “I can teach you how to use some natural plants to heal.
Learning to be a herbalist takes many years.
We never stop learning.
In the end.
It is your responsibility.
Not to pollute and poison the body and mind.
Expect to be healthy we must make sure we do good things
with our body and spirit.”

They arrived at a cabin in the heat of the afternoon.
Little Wolf whispered “I haven’t seem many people out here.”
Chief Joseph waved them into the cabin.
The cabin was small and organized.
Art and drawings on every wall.

Chief Joseph begins to cook food and pomegranate tea.
The three sat together looking at the perfect hand carved animals
and human figures.
All were perfect in every detail.

There were six beds stacked in the corner.
Red Fox told Little Wolf.
“Better than the damn Vietnam field trips.”
Coyote agrees.

The Chief brought the pomegranate ice tea and some soup.
The soup was loaded with beef and vegetables.
They ate in silence.

Chief Joseph told them “Today lesson can be the hardest.
To try to free yourself of useless anger and stress.
Meditation can’t be reached by everyone.
I can help with herbal help.”

“Step one is to be able to control the mind and spirit.
He touched Red Fox forehead.
His pain can’t ever be cures.
He must learn to live with it.
Use the anger and being upset to create a better road.”

“First step is to control your breathing.

Lay on the floor.

Put your right foot into your left knee.

This will bring good dreams to you and peace.

Never put the left foot into the right knee.

Bad dreams will come.

Take 5 deep breaths and release.

Don’t open your eyes.

Concentrate on your breathing.

Now hold your breath.

Think of bad things  in your life.

Keep holding your breath.

Allow the build up of anger and stress to combine.

Red Fox begin to shake and move.

Chief Joseph touches his shoulder.

Now release the poison out of the body.

Red Fox is almost choking.

Now take five deep breaths.

Allow the fresh air to come in and cleanse.

Hold your breath and think of good things.

Red Fox is quiet and not moving.

Release and keep your eyes close.

Don’t move.

Meditate on something good.”

All three fall into a deep sleep.
Red Fox awake.
Told Coyote and Little Wolf.
“I don’t know.
But I feel better.
Little Wolf hugs him.”

Chief Joseph handed them cold pomegranate tea.
Told them “You have done good.
Now you must practice this nightly before sleep.
Need to cleanse the soul and mind daily.”

Chief Joseph told them a short story.

“We will fly with the Eagles and the Hawks on the ridge.

Along time ago.
There was a peaceful tribe of nomad Native Americans
who lived in the mountain all around us.
They lived in peace with nature.
They could hear the wind talking.
They lived in the mountains for a thousand years.
Never trying to destroy the gift of nature.

The Hawks and the Eagle would warn them of their enemies.
The plants were their friends.
Water was easily accessible.
They lived a quiet and a peaceful life in the mountain
all around us.

One day Gold was found.
One by one the gold miners killed the peaceful Natives.
They paid $100  per dead Native.
The Natives were nomads like the Apaches.
No-one cares if they disappears.
Now only the Hawk and the Eagles call out for them.

They are gone now to be with the Great Spirit.
Mother Nature did revenge by blocking the water sources.
Heat that burn the souls of the Devils who killed the
protectors of the land.

Guns and bombs won’t be the end for the human race.
It will be the lack of sweet water and land that grow food for all
animals to live.
A very bad death.”

Coyote, Little Wolf and Red Fox don’t speak.
They saw the pollution and disease already killing millions.

Little Wolf asked.
“Is it too late to save Mother Earth?”

Chief Joseph smiled.
“Told them time is short.
Wisdom and common sense I hope can overcome
the greed of men to destroy all that is beautiful.”

The water, Sky and the Earth. .
Red Fox war.     Part four

Africa and Native American Culture.
Life is a seamless cycle,
We are one with Nature.
James Mannion

If you drink and take pill.
Your body will deteriorate and
it will go back to the Earth sooner.

Sage is our protector. Chief Joseph blesses the house.
He told them “Sage protects us against bad spirits and draws
them out of our bodies and soul.”
He smiled. “Sage can be made into tea being an antiseptic for
allergies, colds and fever. A gargle for sore throats.
A tea to calm the nerves.”

“Today we take a long walk to the ridge. To be with the Hawks and
the Eagles. I will bring my special damiana tonic. Oldest cure I have
at the cabin.”

“I go to Mexico often. To collect the plants of the desert.
Remember the plants are part of Earth.
We must thank them for growing and healing our pain.
I have a friend Don Francis. He lived near Hermosillo.
He is 80-year-old. A healer and herbalist.
He can tell and show you where to find the healing plants.
He will tell you often. They talk to him.”

Red Fox was nervous. He asked the Chief “Did he have whiskey?”
The Chief touched Red Fox forehead.
“I have calea zacatechishi tea.
Will downgrade the want for the whiskey.”
He goes to the small kitchen. Boil the water.
Adding dried herbs into the water.

Little Wolf holds the hand of Red Fox. She whispered it will be Ok.
She sing a song quickly.
Coyote sat and watched. His Grandmother used many natural plants.
She knew of many natural cures. Her favorite was for us kids.
Honey and vinegar for pain and bruises.
One spoon of honey and equal portion of vinegar. Mix together.
Put on the wound (Not open) with a white cloth.
Instant healing of pain and bruising in 5-10 minutes.
Coyote missed being in her house. He was safe.
He remembered her chanting beautiful songs to him as a child.
She was a beautiful Ojibwa woman.

Chief Joseph passed the tea only to Red Fox.
The tea is very strong and sweet. He told them.
“Calea zacatechihi have been used for many years.
The users of the tea in Mexica call it bitter grass.
Helps with headaches and depression.
Some say makes you a better lover.”
They all laughs.

The Chief refilled the cup of Red Fox.
He poured a cup for himself and for Coyote and Little Wolf.
Red Fox wasn’t shaking anymore.
He smiled. Gets up and hugs the old Chief.
Laughter of the four bring peace into the house.

Chief Joseph hands them two containers. One with fresh water.
The other with the damiana tonic.
Told them. “The tonic will open the mind.
The damiana is a helper. If the great spirit allows.
Can heal and defeat demons in the mind and heart.”

They walked toward the falling sun in the west.
The mountain was getting difficult to climb. As they get closer to the cliffs.
The Hawks were on alert.

Chief Joseph told them “There are much power in the plants and herbs.
Need the proper steps to be able to see what the world is.
Some plants can drive you crazy.
Look at the people using LSD. They can’t handle the true vision
caused by the fungus. When your eyes can see everything.
Your eyes truly open.
You can become stronger or fall to the confusion and fear of the
next moment.
The mescaline (Peyote) had taken many great people to the edge
of death and death for many.”

“When you see everything. The good and the bad.
Your true spirit will come out.
There must be a control environment when using the powerful plants.
Only a fool would use LSD and mescaline for fun.
You see everything.
Something can scare you forever.”

“The damiana tonic is a helper.
Help to open up the mind and the heart.
Can free us of the bad dreams.”

They reached  the top of the mountain.
The cliff they stood on you could see for miles.
The Chief told them.
“This has been holy ground for us Native American
for a thousand years.
He point at some rocks in a circle.
We will sit together on the rocks.”

The Hawks were many now. Watching the four people.
They flew above for a time.
Then watched from a distance.

Chief Joseph lighten the sage.
Blessing the ground and thanking the Great Spirit.
He thanks the Water, Sky and the Earth.

He told them to drink the tonic.
Little Wolf told them about her Grandmother.
“She was forced into the white man school.
They cut her long hair.
Gave her a new name.
She ran away from the school.
She hid in the mountain with the Cherokees.”

Coyote told her the same thing happen to his Grandmother.
“She couldn’t escape.
Took years of pain and suffering.
She would not speak of this time in her life.
My mother told me.
My Grandmother went crazy in her young days.
She was lucky.
My Step-Grandfather saved her.
She still has a good and full life.”

They sat together.
Chief Joseph began to speak.
“Take 5 deep breaths.
Hold them.
The sixth breath hold for 10 seconds.
Allow the pain and suffering to gather.
Hold it.”

Red Fox falls to the ground.
His eyes are wide open.
He is screaming “Get down.
Get down William, Mcdonald and Davis.
He screams too damn late.”
Red Fox tries to get up.
Coyote and Chief Joseph hold him down.
He is yelling.
“Fuck I can’t kill them all.”

He awoke crying.
He told them.
“It was late January 1968.
Camping at Khe Sanh.
The Tet Offensive.
We were over-ran.
We fought and fought.
So much fucking death all around me.”

Chief Joseph picked up Red Fox.
He tells them” Take five breaths.
Bring the air into the body.
Allow the holy ground to help in the healing.
Take a deep breath and hold it.

The Hawks were close now.
This was their home.
Chief Joseph light the sage.
He thanks the Hawks and the Eagles for sharing their home.

They walked quietly down the hill.
Red Fox told them.
“First time I talks of the war to anyone.”

Chief Joseph smiled.
Told them.
“Somethings cannot heal.
Some wounds are forever.
Healing can’t take them away.
We must learn from them.
Learn to live with them.”

“Men are foolish.
Sending boy’s to learn death before life.
The prime of their young lives.
Learning death and killing.”

The rest of the walk was in silence.

The Water,the sky and the Earth.
Little Wolf story.      Chapter five

We must reach the end
to understand what is really important.

“Why do  man hate the land?
Why does he want to destroy all that is beautiful.
Why are men consumed with fear and hate.
Life is simple.
Allow the children to fly free and touch their dreams.
Respect man and nature.
Earth is  like our body.
Is a temple we need to protect and keep clean of pollution.”
John Castellenas

Chief Joseph brought the oatmeal and bread.
The pomegranate tea is tasty and cold.

Little Wolf told Coyote and Red Fox.
“I have my story. I left my home. I was tire of living for nothing.
Since my people sign the treaty of 1825 on the mouth of the Teton river.
We Cherokee have walks a line of being pissed off and only bad dreams.”

“My Grandfather, my Father and my Brother fought in the USA wars.
They came home from great battles not celebrating like the great
Cherokees who fought and protected their family and land.”

“They came home filled with drugs and bad dreams. My Brother Paul White deer
was killed on the Cambodia border in 1966.”

“My Father and Grandfather sat down and drank themselves to death.
I was eight years old. My Father would sit on a bench near the tourist
shop on the mountain. Dressed in feathers and a sign. $2.00 to sit and listen
to old Cherokee Indian. Tourist would take pictures and listen to his stories.”

“His stories were beautiful. I sat at his feet. He has so many stories to tell
to the willing ear. He would ask me often when he was drunk.
Why the Great Spirit allowed the great Earth to be destroyed and
why did the Great Spirit abandon the Native Americans?”
I had no answer.

He drank the black velvet whiskey. He told me “Your Brother’s favorite was
the black velvet.”

“Mother and me brought him home daily.
He died the last month. Took ten years of a broken heart for the whiskey
to kill him.”

“I ran away to find a reason to be alive.
I wrote down most of the stories left to me by my Grandparent and

“I will tell you my Father favorite.
Tears begin to fall for Little Wolf.
Red Fox hold her hand.”

Brother wind, Sister rain, Mother love and Father wisdom.

We are protected by Brother wind. Thousand years of war and hate.
We need only to climb to the top of a hill. We need to open our arms
wide. Allow Brother wind to heal and open our heart and mind.

Sister rain is a healer. When we are  weak and afraid.
Her drops of rain drops will bring comfort and peace.
She heal the pain done to Nature with her caressing rain.
Sister and mother tears had cries for us for a thousand years.

Mother love is the gift all woman have to protect and love their
children. The love of Mother Earth is to safeguard of the planet.
Woman have greatest  responsibility my Father told me.
He told me don’t be like him.
Protect and take care of our Water, Sky and Earth.
Allow the children to run free and their spirit to be able
to do great things.

Father wisdom it what men must do better.
He look to the sky. Bring his arms into a full circle.
Do  a circle dance and chant for me.
Spreading sage around us.
He would bring me closer. Whisper.
Father wisdom must be passed on to his children.
We must be strong and never step backward.
Go forward and live well.

He smiles. “Your Brother favorite line was.
Be like a wild beast and not be afraid of what is
around the next corner.
He gave you your name.
He said you were like a wild wolf.
Moving and struggling to escape.
He gave you your name Little Wolf.”

He said you were not afraid and strong in heart.

He told me often.
He let the Great Spirit down.
I told him the Great spirit would understand.
He would hug me.
Told me to dance for him.
He would tap the drums and chant.
I would dance for him.
Only time he was content at the end of his life was me dancing.

My father at his death-bed told me.
“You have great gifts and wisdom for your short time on this Earth.
He handed me his sacred pipe and pig bag.
(He called it because made of pig skin.)
I held the pipe and medicine power  bag for 50 years. Now it is your turn.”
He kissed my forehead. “Do a vision quest.
Go West. Tell no-one.
In the West the bad spirits can’t catch you.”

When I saw you two at the pow wow. I knew I found two confused men.
I would be safe in my journey now.

Chief Joseph asked could he hold the pipe and the pig bag.
He closed his eyes and does a silence prayer.
He touches Little Wolf face and hair.
“You have the protection of wise and strong ancestors.
Your Father is at peace.
He is beating a drum loudly with your Grandfather.
Your Brother is dancing the sacred dance of peace and hope.”
Little Wolf fell with falling tears into Red Wolf arms.

Chief Joseph told them. “We have a long journey. I will drive. We will take
highway 25 to highway 198. Highway 198 to highway 101. Highway 101 to highway 2 in Mexico.
Highway2 to highway 16 near Vecora and La Colorada.”

“You will meet Don Francis. He is a teacher of the medicine men and Nagual
now for 50 years in SW Mexico and Texas.”

Early in the morning the long trip begin. After 4 1/2 hour drive.
They stopped and eat outside of Riverside, Ca.
Red Fox is sweating. He asked Coyote why are we doing this?
I need a drink now.
Chief Joseph poured into an empty coffee cup drink from a red cooler.
Told Red Fox to drink please.
Chief Joseph told them “This is my favorite tea.
Mexican Tarragon. Relax your heart and mind.
Grow everywhere.”

“Our bodies are the responsibility of the owner.
Put drugs and alcohol into.
We pollute our spirit.”

Red Fox relaxed and told them. “I’m hungry as hell.”

They arrived outside of Vecora, Mexco. A small simple house
with one truck in front. Chief Joseph told them. We have arrived finally.

A old man and a young girl comes out to greet them.
The old man introduced him self as Don Francis and the little girl
as Silent Bobcat. I’m 85 years old and my little friend is 10.

Coyote, Little Wolf and Red Fox introduced themselves.
Don Francis told them. “I have waited for you.
I made my old favorite. Indian stew. Otherwise anything
I had in the house into the pot.
Please come in. My house in your home.”

Little Bobcat  watched Red Fox sad eyes. She takes his hand.
She told him. “Don’t worry warrior. I will take care of you.”

Chief Joseph smiled and whisper to Coyote and Little Wolf.
“She was born too wise and strong in mind. Her parents are dead.
Only one person was strong enough to care for the child.
Her gift of learning and speech we are hoping will become
stronger and her voice will protect the Water, Sky and the Earth.”

The Water, Sky and the Earth
Silent Bobcat/Dark Moon      Part six

(Very few men or woman are born with the skills of education
and the ability to speak. The eloquence speakers such as a
Nelson Mandela. He can teach and hold our attention with words
that lead our confused minds to the right road to be on.)

Early Spring of 1965. A Ojibwa mother water breaks. Her Mother and Father takes her to the hospital in Houghton, Mi. The usual home birth wasn’t possible. The old man Dark Hawk watches the moon. It was a cloudy night.  He whisper it is a dark moon. He pray for his daughter. A silent prayer not to scare his wife holding her daughter in the back seat.

They arrive at the Houghton hospital. The daughter whisper to her mother Antoinette. “Please take care of my baby if something bad happens.” The mother  whisper “she would be fine.”

They wait in the corner. Two Ojibwa Native American. Very lonely in the white man hospital. The people who walked by looks at the dark hair and dark eyes people with dislike.
The Doctor had to do a C-section. Many hour later the Doctor came out with a sad face. Told them the young woman died during the birth.

The Doctor asks where the Father was?  Dark Hawk told the Doctor “He went to Vietnam eight months ago. No words in a long time.”

Dark Hawk spread the unlit sage around the child.  He lights the sage. Blesses the baby girl. Tears are falling for his daughter. He sings to the night stars.

“Great Spirit
Protect my little bambino.
She don’t speak much.
She was born under a dark moon.
Born with a broken heart.
My white Ojibwa princess.”

He told the moon and the stars.
“I will call her Silent Bobcat.
Bright eyes and a sad heart.
Small and so beautiful.”

Silent Bobcat is small compared to the other children. She is seven years old. Her skills in English amaze the teachers. She is reading at High School level. Writing poetry and stories at the skill of a college student. Her questions can’t be answered by her white teachers.

She goes to the old Shaman. He told her great stories. All the other Ojibwa men and woman laughed. He told her keep her questions for him and Dark Hawk, her Grandfather.

The teacher Brett brought her Grandparent in for a conference. He told them she is gifted and needs an  better schools than what the reservation can offer.

The Elders of the tribe gather. The old Medicine man told them “The child needed education and protection. He had vision of a child being born with the gift of knowledge and words. She needed the education of the Native ways and the world.

They decided for the safety of the child to sent her to Don Francis. He was a teacher out in the west who have taught the Naguals and Medicine men for 50 years. She would go to a private Catholic school to be taught many languages.

Don Francis would protect her and allow her spirit to heal and grow. The Grandparent agreed. Late one evening two Ojibwa people with an seven-year old girl were on a Greyhound to California.  The deal was simple. The Grandparent must stay with Silent Bobcat.

Spring 1975

Quiet Bobcat takes the hand of Red Fox. She feels his pain. Her brown eyes look into his eyes. She whisper “We will learn to overcome our pain and sadness together.”

The two walked into a large house. Art and drawings on every wall in the house. Don Francis told them. “My home is your home always.” Antoinette come from the kitchen. She told them “Welcome and tells them I have flesh water and food.” Silent Bobcat runs to her. Announces “This is my sweet Grandmother Antoinette.”

After the meal. Dark Hawk came in and told them. “Welcome.”

Don Francis brought the four together. He study them. The room is at the back of the house.
A large window to look out at the desert of Mexico.

Coyote asked “What can we learn to save  Earth? We are just kids with no directions.” Silent Bobcat smiled. Stand up and dances around the room.

She told them. “The will of one heart can affect the mind and hearts of many. We are the seeds of the awakening of millions. Us Native Americans must awake our sleeping spirit and show the greedy and hateful men of the Water, Sky and Earth the way to live in peace with nature.”

Little Wolf hugged Silent Bobcat. Red Fox puts his big arms around Coyote. Smiles and told them. We are ready Don Francis.

Don Francis burned the sage to cleanse the bad spirits from the room. He closed his eyes and begin to speak.

” Great Spirit
Protector of all living things.
Give us the strength and
Will to go forward.
Thank you Great Spirit.
For the blue water.
The green earth.
The great sky.
That allow us to live.
Thank you Great Spirit.
Please give us the strength to go on.”

Chief Joseph came into the room. He told them. “Many skills and strength are in each of us. The control of the power of healing, dreaming and to know(Knowledge) can take 50 years.”

“To become a Nagual. Oldest of all Medicine men takes a lifetime. The steps are difficult. You four are all different. Many gifts you already control and use. Together you can do great things. But I need an answer. You must decide with your heart and soul. If you want to take this journey. Can lead you to some bad places hidden in your heart and mind.”

“Except for Silent Bobcat. She will go to school and be educated. Teach us and show us the way to help save the Water, Sky and the Earth.”


The Water, Sky and the Earth Chapter seven
A Chapter by Coyote Poetry

Nature is a gift we forgot to take care of. Need to be kind to old Earth.

The Water, Sky and the Earth.
Little Wolf,  the healer.      Part seven

It is my land, my home, my father’s land,
to which I now ask to be allowed to return.
I want to spend my last days there, and be
buried among those mountains. If this could
be I might died in peace, feeling that my people,
placed in their native homes, would increase in
numbers, rather than diminish as at present,
and that our names would not become extinct.


Don Francis prepared the tarragon tea. He was feeling older and more tire today. The kids brought him hope and energy. He knew death was close by. He lived a good and long life. He worried for Silent Bobcat. She was so strong-minded and smart. She would need a lot of support and guidance.

He had taught many the secret of the desert. The natural cures were at-hand for all people willing to see them. The plants were for men and woman with wisdom to find and understand. He saw great wisdom and strength in little Wolf eyes. He hopes she had the strength and will to aid Silent Bobcat.

He saw the four in his dreams for a long time. He knew Coyote was hard-headed and strong-willed. If he got something in his vision. It would get accomplished. Red Fox swim in war and violence. The education of war would make him the peaceful one. Little Wolf is the calm. Her gentle soul will bring peace to the two men. Silent Bobcat was born under a dark sky. Her eyes don’t hide the sadness. She will be the wisdom and hope.

Don Francis hoped and dreams the Native Americans would rise up and show the world
the road to living in peace with the Water, Sky and the Earth.

He had long conversation with Chief Joseph. They have known each other for over forty years. They took many long walks to discover what may lay in the future.  Chief Joseph was the dreamer. He fore told of the four native Americans many years ago. He saw the violence of Vietnam. Saw the wall of racism begin to fall down. Saw the great lakes and oceans being polluted. He saw in bad dreams the Water, Sky and the Earth slowly dying. Sickness and hunger would give man his last goal. Death of all human life.

Chief Joseph knew the time was limited. He had a vision of four strong hearts. They would give the Native Americans the will to fight and lead in the protection of the Water, Sky and the Earth.

Don Francis was born to a Apache/Mexican parent. He was taught by a wise Nagual from the Yucatan Peninsula Don Carlos. Don Carlos found  him drunk and confused lost in the desert. He was sixteen years old. With a pissed off attitude and no place to go. Don Carlos took him in. Made him go to Mexico city to go to school. Taught him to respect the desert.

Don Francis sat and watched the moon rise from the east. He prays.
Great Spirit
” Be kind to an old man.
Give me more time on
the great Earth.
Thank you for another
good day to be alive.
Please protect my children
and all children.
Of this great Earth.
Give me wisdom and strength.
Great Spirit.
Please give wisdom to all
men and woman.
Thank you great Spirit.”

Little Wolf awoke early. Don Francis asked her to take a short walk into the desert. They walked about a mile from the house and sat down. The desert was peaceful and calm in the early morning.

He asked her. ‘You had a hard and long journey. What will you do now? ” She smiled and told him. “Chief Joseph brought us here. I don’t know what to do next. Coyote is going to Korea. Red Fox  will be training Marines. I have no place to go. My mother told me to stay away for there was nothing left in  North Carolina. My money is running out soon. I must do something.”

Don Francis smiled. Told her “Years ago I left my home and a good man Don Carlos took me in. He made me go to school in Mexico City. He taught me to be a healer. He touched her face. Ask her. Would you want to be a healer?”

She asked will you make me go to school? He smiled. Told her “To understand plants and nature. You must understand science. I would want you to go to college. “She bowed her head down. With sad eyes ask “Will I be Ok?”

Don Francis wrapped his arms her. Told her “Life is long and very hard. We must overcome great mountains and barriers. But we must enter the fight to know great pleasures and be able to do great things.”

At the house. Chief Joseph was making sausage and fry bread.

Little Wolf goes to Coyote and Red Fox. She told them she was staying here. She asked them “Please return to me here.” Coyote laughed and told her. “You are stuck with me my beauty.” Red Fox hugged her. “Whisper no-one wants an old Cheyenne anyway.”

Silent Bobcat with a beautiful smile. Gave each one a hug. She told them all. “You are my family now.”

Oct 2009

The water, the sky and the Earth.
New journey.   Chapter eight

The grandfathers and the grandmothers are in the children; Teach them well.
Ojibwa proverb

“All the Indians pray to God for life. and try to find a good road. and do nothing wrong in a life. This is what we want. and to pray to God. But you did not believe us.
You should say nothing against our religion. For we say nothing against yours. you pray to God. So do all of us Indians. as well as the whites. We both pray to only one God. who made us all.”
Sitting Bull

The Water, Sky and the Earth.
New Journey.   chapter eight

The time went very quickly in Mexico. Don Francis took the three on long walks into the desert. He explain to them the plants were simple. You must respect the plants and care for them. Their power of healing plants are great gifts  in return for us not to abuse and destroy. His face turn sad. He tells them “In South American the powerful plants are dying because of  the hunger of man’s great cities expansion. The animals know what to eat when they are sick. Maybe if we were more like the beast of the Earth. The world would be a better place?”

Little Wolf loved the peace and quiet of the desert. She would sit for hours with Red Fox in silence. He told her he could not sleep. He wanted alcohol. Chief Joseph made special taragon tea for Red Fox. Making it stronger to be able to heal the body and fight the demons. Chief Joseph would take Red Fox into the mountains. Together they would sit on the healing rocks and watch the hawks fly. Allowing the peace to create some sort of calmness in Red Fox mind and heart.

Coyote saw the eyes of Red Fox softening. He wasn’t nervous or shaking anymore. He told Coyote. “I will try to quit drinking. Maybe I will be alright? I will be training Marines now. Maybe my war is over? Damn Vietnam is done. “Coyote wrapped his arm around Red Fox. “Whisper maybe we will all be alright?”

The last day the three with Don Francis went to the healing stones. Don Francis made  calea zacatechicti tea. Chief Joseph was there waiting spreading the healing sage by the stones. He blessed the area and pray for the spirit of the mountain to aid in the gathering. The three sat together. Little Wolf, Coyote and Red Fox learned to expect anything from the two old men. Chief Joseph told them. “I have taken long walks with Red Fox. He will never completely heal. His demons and nightmares are death. When you have killed.  Your heart and mind will become soiled.  There is no repair except to understand the acts and learn that all life is precious and have purpose. How do we know we have not killed the savior of man by accident in the wars of hate and violence?”

The tea is passed to all. “The tea you are drinking is common and grow  wild in the desert. It will open your minds. Calea zacatechicti is one of the many natural ways to clean the mind. I have smoke it with Red Fox. He can see his world with better eyes now. But we need our friends to support and hold us  up when we are weak.”

After  the teas is finished. Everyone lay down on soft mats on the ground. The three are side by side. Chief Joseph told them “To put their right leg into the inner left thigh. This will allow only good thoughts to come in.”

” Close your eyes.

Take five deep breath and hold each one for three seconds.

The sixth breath hold and think of bad thoughts or actions.

Hold for 5 seconds. Allow the bad to escape.

Take five deep breath and hold each one for three seconds.

The sixth breath hold and think of something good and wonderful.

Release the air and allow the mind to fall into calmness and peace.”

Coyote is dreaming he is walking on the coastline of Texas. He can see the city of Houston in the background. The city is not moving and there is no cars. He looks around and he see many empty houses on the beach. It look like a hurricane had destroyed the coastline. He looks at the water. It is black with oil. He can see bodies of sea creatures and birds covered in oil and dead. There is no life in the sky or moving on the ground. He saw an old man sitting on the shore. He goes to him. The old man with tears in his eyes told him. Man had succeeded in killing off the sea. He had killed off all that is beautiful.

Little Wolf touched  Coyote arm softly. She whisper “Please wake up.” He jump up and falls into Little Wolf arms. With tears and fear he told her  the story.  “I saw the water and the dead animals.  I met death. Death is the desire of man to kill all the beautiful things of this planet.” Chief Joseph touched Coyote shoulder. Tells them “The men of vision and dreams have great responsibility. He must try to stop the nightmare from happening or be an observer of the end of the world? “Coyote asked “Can this world be stop from it own death? ” Chief Joseph with a sad eyes whisper “I pray we can.”

The drive back to Northern California was very quiet. Chief Joseph told Coyote. “Dreams can be nightmares and also can be windows to the future we can try to change and must.” He told him. “You have a home here with me in the desert always.” He walks Chief Joseph to his door. Coyote told him. “I will be back in one year and thank you for being kind to me.” Chief Joseph hugged him. “Us Native American must stand together. We must lead in the battle to save Earth.” Red fox hugged the old man. He  tells him “Thank you for what you did for me. I have no desire for alcohol and my mind is thinking again.” Chief Joseph smiled. Hold Red Fox hands tightly. Tells him. “You are very close. This is your home. We all need a place to feel safe. A friend who do not grade or rate. Some healing may take a lifetime.”

Red Fox told  Coyote as they drive on Highway 1. “I feel good for the first time in 10 years. Chief Joseph gave me a bag of herbal tea. I hope I don’t get tossed in the military prison for using this stuff.”

Coyote smiled. It is a beautiful day on Highway 1. He can see the ocean  from the highway.

The Water, Sky and the Earth.

Chapter nine Coyote dreams

With the journey into dreams. The real nightmares may appear. The dreamer can see the truth. Some truth is filled with death and terror.
This Chapter is rated Mature and may contain material unsuitable for readers under 18.         “You have driven me from the east to this place, and I have been
here two thousand years or more…My friends, if you took me
away from this land it would be very hard for me. I wish to die in
this land. I wish to be an old man here…I have not wished to
give even a part of it to the Great Father. Though he were to give
me a million dollars I would not give him this land.”
Standing Bear of the Poncas

“If a man step his feet into a lake. Create movement that will expand
and grow. One strong voice can light the fire of many to stop hate and
war.  Will it take a million deaths for man to realize? Every life is important.
We need to find peace with each other and nature before we only
leave death and doom for the next generation.”

John Coyote got station at Fort Ord, Ca. The orders for Korea were canceled. He drove to Monterey in the Spring of 1976.  He loved the coastline. He missed his new friends. He held many doubts about life and religion. He was born poor and wanted to allow the past to fade away. He arrived at his new unit. He made quick new friends. He loved to drink and raise hell. USA was falling apart. No jobs, a lot of people lost jobs and all their money in the economy going to shit.

Padget  from Maryland was his best friend. They would drive to Big Surf and drink every weekend.  Raised hell and hung with the musicians. Padget believed in no rules. He lived for the moment and tested life every chance he could. Coyote did not tell Little Wolf he wasn’t in Korea. He wanted to see what life could be.

Padget, Coyote and  three Soldiers went to Santa Cruz. An old country boy name Red from Virginia wanted to do the acid. Coyote volunteer to be the watcher. When you do dangerous drugs. Must have one person to keep up control. They met the contact on the beach boardwalk. A couple of dollars a hit. Padget bought $80 worth. They go to the  Santa Cruz beach. Padget, Red and Hanley took three hits and put them under their tongue. Coyote watched them. They were calm and peaceful till Red got up and ran for the sea.

He was yelling “Death was here for him”.  Coyote saw nothing in  the sea at first.  Coyote and Hanley tried to hold Red from going into the cold night sea water. Coyote looked up and saw a man 40 feet into the water edge. Just standing there with a small guitar and singing. The man was well dressed. Like he was ready to play a concert somewhere. Coyote went to the man. He asked what do you want?  The man answered the question with a smile. “I don’t want you. You are dirty with hate and ain’t done raising hell. You have a lot of time Dreamer.  You are special. Few people can live  in  hate and disappointment like you do.”

Coyote repeated the question. “What do you want and who are you?” The old man smiled and seem to dance in the water. He touched Coyote shoulder and told him. ” The dreamer can’t see the Undertaker when he is standing in the front of you. I will forgive you today. You are young. I promise the next time you will know me. I like you my friend the Dreamer. I can’t have Red tonight. Tomorrow  you can’t save him. I want to give you a gift. I will sing you a song.”

He began to play the old small guitar and sing. ” My love she speaks like silence. Without ideals or violence. She doesn’t have to say she’s faithful. Yes she’s true, like ice, like fire.
People carry roses, Make promises by the hours, my love she laughs like the flowers. Valentine can’t buy her.”

Coyote heard Padget yelling “Get out of the water.” He turned away from the man. When he turned back. The man was walking into the sea. He turned and give a big wide smile and told Coyote. “I like you. I will answer one question for you. Any question you want to be answers”. Coyote asks what is the purpose of life? The Undertaker answer. “Fucking”.

Coyote went to his friends. He loaded them into his truck and they drove back to Fort Ord. in silence.  He and Padget went to the Seaside beach alone. Padget asked what the old crazy man want? Coyote smile and told him he was death. Wanted to take Red to hell. Padget laughed and told him you sure you didn’t take any acid? Coyote did not now why the Undertaker called him the dreamer? The crazy old Indians and now this crazy man of the sea told him. His dreams can come true. Padget handed him some small paper. Padget told him. Put then under your tongue and allow them to melt.

Coyote put the acid into his mouth. Within minutes his vision was different. The ocean was larger. Padget was too loud. He started to walk to Monterey on the empty night beach. Coyote begins to see ghosts and hear the whisper of the sea. He sat down on some rocks. Fall into a quick sleep.

Coyote is walking alone. The city was quiet. He is back home in Detroit. He goes to his parent house. He goes into the bedroom of his parent house. He smell death. His mother and stepfather are dead. Have been dead for days. He made some coffee and read an old newspaper. Nuclear attacks in  Asia and Africa in March 2020 have sent death to every corner of the world.  The article stated all war had ended. World is trying to stop the death. The article stated death will be slow for the people away from the nuclear attack. The writer of the article stated. The lucky one’s died in seconds. Rest of world is dying slow and painful.

Coyote looked up. The Undertaker is across from him. Coyote asked do you want a coffee? The Undertaker smiled and told him a lot of sugar and creams please.” Coyote came back and gave the coffee to the old man. The old man told him thank you.  Coyote asked is it my time? The undertaker smile. “Yes it is. You did well for me. You had the gift of dreams and did not do nothing. You could have done something. You did nothing for fear of failure and disappointment. One man or woman can cause a wave of change. Your wasted words and no effort left me with an easy job taking the cattle to hell.”

Coyote awake from the yelling in his face of Padget. Padget asked where the fuck were you?
He smile and told him. I’m going to Mexico and see Little Wolf. I need to understand what I see. I need to know what is real or lies. Padget smile and told him. Only whiskey for you now. You are fucking crazy.

Coyote is driving to Mexico. He believed maybe one person can create a wave of change. The Undertaker had gave him advice. Maybe the Undertaker need the people alive to have his purpose.


The Water, the sky and the Earth.

Chapter 10.

Road trip with Morningstar.

In my lifetime. I met people who held power. I was amazed at their knowledge. Sometime warning come when you don’t expect them.
     “They made us many promises, more than I can remember, but
they never kept but one: they promise to take our land, and they
took it.”

“The Gulf of Mexico  has billion gallons of oil suffocating the animal life.
Poor Japan had nuclear plants sending poison into the sea.  The Native
American pray and cried for the land, sea and air. Everyday one animal is
lost forever. The trees are being cut down that allow us to breathe and eat.
Old wise Native American fear. White man won’t be happy till all that is beautiful
is gone.”

Coyote took Highway 2 to Mexico. He passes Monterey. He loved the city. They called him the Poet in the city. He carry his poetry books and read poetry at all Poetry readings. He wanted the young people to think and describe life and emotion. He was called the old man of poetry. He looked in the truck mirror. His 19 year face was tire and old already.

He saw at a distance. A beautiful woman in a long summer dress. She was hitchhiking. He smiles and told himself. She looked safe. I hope. He stopped his truck and asked. Where are you going? She smile and told him. “I’m going to Big Surf.”

Coyote told her get in. He asked does she have any possessions. She told him. Only what I need. She worn a small backpack. Her auburn hair flowed down her back. Her slim tan body was beautiful. The summer dress did not hide her body. She was in her late twenties.

He asked her.  Her name. She told him. “I have many names. For you. You can call me Morningstar.” Coyote asked are you of Native American blood. She smile and told him. ” I was born here when the land was empty. I saw great things and have lived for a long time now. My tribe is forgotten. Only the spirit are left to remind the one’s with vision what is important. My  tribe was the Cayuse. We are lost and forgotten in the wind.”

Coyote reached and touched her arm. She took his hand. Moved it to her face and to her hair. She smiles. Told him. “I’m not a ghost. I have many names. Some call me Nagual, I’m called a herbalist in Mexico. I have been accused of being a shift changer by many.”

Coyote asked “Why are with me today? I’m no-one. I have too many damn questions that can’t be answered. Number one. Are you testing my common sense. ”  She touches his head and neck. She told him. ” You are the dreamer. You have the ability to see the future. In the days of my youth. The dreamers told us not to truth the white man. We did not listen. Our innocent was our weakness. We did not believe the white man would kill off the population to take our land. They murder and killed without thoughts. We learn too late to listen to the dreamer. Few people are born that can see the world with the real vision. Most go mad before they learn to control.”

Coyote asked. “You are real in appearance and I can touch you. How can it be you have lived this long? It is not possible.”  She look at the sea. Told him. “Life is simple. The water, sky and the earth is what we need.  The earth move in constant rotation  and there are many mysteries few can see. You took the medicine to open your mind this morning. You have open a door to a new world. I came to you to help you understand. Don’t allow fear to control your thoughts now. You need to see Don Francis and drink the peyote tea in ration. The dreams will be stronger and you will understand your gift. The Native Americans have the responsibility to try to save what is left. The time is limited. Your dreams have told you this already.”

Coyote see the River Inn. He asked Morningstar would she like some food. She smiles. Told him. “To eat food would be wonderful again.” She reached over and kissed him many times. She whisper a quiet prayer.
” Protect my brother.
Allow the four winds to show him the way.
Give him wisdom and strength.
Allow him to dream without fear.”

Coyote parked the truck and walked to the passenger  door.
Morningstar was gone. Coyote walk around asking did they see a woman in a summer dress with auburn hair. The people of the River Inn were use to crazy folks. Allowed him to stand in confusion.

He drank some Irish beer and ate lunch at the River Inn at Big Surf. Coyote thought he was losing his mind. He whispered “Damn acid screwing me up.  I need to get to Little Wolf and Don Francis before I lose my mind.”

At the Tijuana border. The guards waved him through. He got out of the city very quickly.  He drove into the desert and saw a man.  An old man sitting on a rock. It was Don Francis. He stopped and asked “What are you doing so far from home Don Francis?”

Don Francis gave his kind and hopeful smile. Told him “I was waiting for you. An old friend whisper you were coming today.” Coyote asked who told you I was coming today?

Don Francis told him. “No secrets when the spirits of life and earth are involved. I’m here to take you home and make you stronger. Little Wolf is waiting for you. She has a good meal for you.” Don Francis pour a cup of tea and give the tea to Coyote.

Coyote smile and felt peace again. The cranberry tea was good. He thanks Don Francis for being here and waiting.

Don Francis touches Coyote shoulder. Told him.  “To be strong need many teachers. Will make many mistakes. Need a safe place to rest. You must be strong and write down the dreams. Dreams can be changed. But need people with strong minds and a lot of energy to carry out”

The last three-hour were in silence. He felt safe being with Don Francis. He wonder did Don Francis know of Morningstar? Best question  left to mystery. Coyote loved the desert. The beauty made him thankful for this day.

In the California Mountains.

California fault line.

The beautiful and powerful Pacific.

The Water, The Sky and the Earth.

Red Fox journey.

Chapter eleven


Native Americans lost their spirit and strong heart. Need to meditate with the water, sky and earth to find the right path.


We thank the Great Spirit  for all
the benefits. He has conferred
upon us. For myself. I never take
a drink of water from the spring.
without being mindful of His goodness.
Black Hawk Sauk

What is life? It is a flash of a firefly in the
night. It is a breath of a buffalo in the
winter time. It is as the little shadow that
runs across the grass and loses itself in
the sunset.
Crowfoot, Blackfeet

Trouble no man about his religion.
respect him in his view of the
Great Spirit. and demand of him that
he respects yours. Treat with respect
such things as he hold sacred.
Do not force your religion on anyone.
Wabasha and Red Jacket. Seneca

New Journey

Red Fox had his yearly mandatory military physical in 1977. His body was getting weaker. He had less energy and always felt tire. The rosemary tea did help. Don Francis  told him to drink the tea. His body will need help. Camp Pendleton was his home now. Close to twenty years in the Marine. He loved being close to the sea. Create him a peace for him. He would roam the backside of California desert and the coastline of Oregon with Coyote when they could. Today he sat waiting for the Doctor at the Camp Pendleton clinic. Coyote and Little Wolf told him. He was getting smaller. Losing too much weight. He held great concern for the answers from the tests he was given.

A young Doctor came in. He asked him. How do you feel Gunnery Sgt.?  Red Fox smile and told him. “I will know in a minute. I hope?” The young Doctor with sadness in his eyes told him his white cells were increasing and your body is getting weaker.  Red Fox asked. “What are you telling me?’

The Doctor showed him his charts. He explained. “When the body is unbalanced. The body will  become weaker. Your body is getting attacked. You have a form of Leukemia. However your case is worst. Your respiratory system is failing too. Many boys who served in Vietnam are becoming sick.”

Red Fox asked the Doctor. “What can be done? Can anything be done? The Doctor spoke with sadness in his voice. “There is cancer treatment that can slow down the sickness. Some people can live with it for years. Some people will die very quickly.”

Red Fox look outside the window. Watching the young Marines running by the clinic. He turned to the Doctor. Asked him. “What is the next step?

Red Fox called Coyote. Told him. “Time for a vacation.” Coyote told him with concern. When and where? He knew his friend never asked for anything. The trip was planned to go to Mexico and see Little Wolf and Silent Bobcat.

They met in Monterey. Coyote found Red Fox sitting on the beach. Red Fox got up and gave him a hug. Thanks him for coming. Coyote saw the weight loss and the sickness in the face of Red Fox. He asked no questions. He saw some of the Army Soldiers become weaker and not return from leaves. He heard stories of the sickness brought home from Vietnam. Many rumors of a cancer caused by the chemical warfare being used. He did a silence prayer for Red Fox. He spent three years in Vietnam. His mind and body paid a hard price for war.

They listen to Morrison, Dylan and Elvis on  the highways to L.A and San Diego.  Red Fox finally spoke at  Big Surf. They ate lunch at the River Inn.  Red fox told Coyote. “Life is fair. We pay for our sins. I left Vietnam and came home. I saw and did terrible things for this government. I have killed many people with my weapon and these hands. I was told I had cancer. My payment for my sins.  No time-table for how long I will live. I decided to retire and stay with Little Wolf and die with friends. My people are gone. The Cheyenne are few. I believe Don Francis will insure I have a good death with friends near.”

Coyote wanted to cry and scream at the same time. He went to the bathroom and cries tear alone. His friend needed him to be strong. After 10 minutes in the stall. He forced  a smile and some hope out of his sad heart. He sat with his friend. Told him. “Old Don Francis may know some mystic cures. We have a lot of time for life. Remember we must save the Water, Sky and the Earth. We must teach the world to hate war. Love peace and protect Mother nature.”

Red Fox smile and told him. “I needed you my friend Coyote. Death doesn’t scare me. Dying alone does. Your words are true. I must do one damn good things in my life. Life isn’t fair. But with the good medicine and hope from my good friends. Maybe I can trick death for a few more year?”

They arrived at the house.  Little Wolf and Silent Bobcat come out to greet them. Little Wolf could not believe how much weight Red Fox had lost. She reached her arms around him. Whispered. “My big Cheyenne. I will take care of you and heal you of the pain.”
Coyote saw Red Fox taking pain pills. He knew the cancer was in the blood and body.

Don Francis came out. He smile and spoke. “I have been waiting for you my friends Red. Tonight we sweat out the poison and repeat till the sickness is out of your skin. I have a herb to change the blood. We have much work to do.” Little Wolf with many tears fall in Coyote arms.

The four sit together watching the sun fall into the west on the porch of the house. Little Wolf stood up and light the sage. She walk around them spreading the sage. Saying a silent prayer. They drank the rosemary tea and few words were spoken. In sadness words mean very little.


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