Why are you still with me?

Wife with child.



  Why are you still here with me?



Sometime you are so far away from me. I see your sad eyes filled with fear and disappointment.

You lay your head into my chest. You asked. “Why are you still here with me? So many friends and lovers have left me. I can’t get anything right.”

I whispered we will be okay my love. If you fall behind. I will wait for you. I will hold you till all the fears and sadness goes away.

I have learn keeping love and passion alive is the hardest part of a life. You must give and give with all your heart. Then accept the gift of love with thankfulness and praise.

I bring you to me. I tell  my beautiful lady we need to escape.

Put on your sexy red dress and your favorite red shoes. Allow your hair to fall free.

Tonight we will go dancing. Tonight we will drink sweet wine and laugh again.

Allow the sadness and burden to stay at bay.

I will hold you like you were my last wish. Take you home and love you like you were my only desire and dream.

All I know is you make me want to be alive.

I want to be with you and wish to be with you till my last breath.