My beautiful Daniela

My beautiful Daniela

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Sweet memories of youth.


My beautiful Daniela.

My world was wild and crazy.

I’m slow down by a look of beauty and softness.

Her blue eyes were clear as an early morning sky.

Her long blond hair was blowing in the gentle breeze by the small lake
on a warm Spring day.

Her white summer dress showed a perfect body in the warm Spring sun.

Her gift of a sweet smile left me wishing to know her name.

I followed her.

She stops. Told me. “I know you.

You are the laughing American.”

I was known for my drinking and being a joker.

We walked together.

She told me all her dreams.

I told her my dreams.

Our hands felled together on a beautiful hot Spring day.

By the light of  candles and sweet red German wines we begin to learn to  love.

Soft kisses lead to passion and desires only seen by the darkness of the lonely  night.

Now I have my lady in dressed in white.

My woman who teaches  me to love being alive.

I was complete for the first time.

My Daniela, always complete.

In clothing or waiting for me nude on our soft bed.

She is a gift to my eyes and heart.

She fulfilled my soul and spirit.

I bring her close.

Whisper. “You are my dream.

You would be my Angel in sweet dreams till life leave my body.

I love you my beautiful Daniela.”

27 Nov. 1978