My beautiful Daniela



My beautiful Daniela

I awoke with great pain in my chest. I was escaping Germany soon.

A face of an angel who broke my heart was appearing in my mind.

I decided to go to her to say my goodbye.

To look into her blue eyes one more time.

She came to the door with tears in her eyes.

She yelled at me, are you happy? He is dead.

I questioned who is dead?

Daniela felled into my arms.

I helped her to get to her apartment.

She told her new lover had died in California.

I allowed her to fall into my arms.

I caressed her hair and face softly.

Soft tears were falling from her face.

I didn’t speak. A sad heart has but only time to heal the wounds of death.

I left her and came back with a bottle of whiskey and some bread.

We listen to Cohen and talks of dream and sadness.

She asked me to stay. I told her I would.

I held her like a child. I felt the tears falling from a broken hearten angel.

I stayed with  her for three days and nights trying to comfort her.

The room brought back too many beautiful moments.

Not so long ago we learn of love and tender touches.

We open our souls up completely.

She told me all her dreams and I told her all mine. 

Daniela taught me to slow dance in the cold of a winter day in the heat of this  room. 

We made a promise of forever.

Sweet dreams of youth make in desperation.

Now lost and forgotten.

Now I held her trying to give her hope and kindness.

Time is an unfair teacher and I would help her.

I came to say goodbye and we create a new bond. Pain allows two people to understand.

Love come and go. Hold tight and appreciate the gentle touch of love.

 I would escape back to the USA. Faces and memories pasted upon my heart.

I  have so many pictures of two lovers holding so tightly. My face in her hair.

Today it seem like a friction story.

Beautiful Daniels, my teacher of love and pain.

I go to you in dark twisted dreams.