Sweet Kaitlyn


A old poem. I feel deep sadness for the family of the children and teachers at the school Sandy Hook, Connecticut. My sister daughter of nine years old died for unknown reasons in 2009. Left family in great sadness. I pray for the poor families. There is no words that be said. Lost of a child leave you with a emptiness that can’t be fulfilled. The photos and story leave me sad and confuse. I will never understand how someone could kill children. I pray the parent and family of the 27 people. Have a lot of help. They will need it. Some pain is too much for anyone. Lost of your child in violence will leave question of why and lead to sadness and with  no answer. This is a wake-up call for all people.



Sweet Kaitlyn


Ojos claros, serenos.
Bright and serene eyes.

Si antes supiera.
If I have known this before.

I would of done more.
Foolish words today.

A Angel is in heaven.
I hope she is with  my Indian Grandmother.
Rocking her and singing.

I love you sweet baby girl.


Poor Mother.
Left with pictures and memories.

How do we find hope?
Family need to hold tighter.

Sweet Kaitlyn.
In heaven and with tears.
For she was a mama girl.

I wish to have known you.
We become too busy with useless tasks.

Learn too late.
Family is all we got.

Please Lord of life and Death.

Give her comfort.
9 year old should not be with you.

Many broken hearts need a reason.

Today we will say good bye to her.
Here on Earth.

I pray one day she is back in her mama’s arm’s.

30 April 2009

Mercy for the broken heart

(A 9 year baby girl died. I could not speak. So old Coyote will write a poem and prayer. I have four children. Each one’s is very important to me. If I lost a child. I would in turmoil till death.)

My sister called me.
Telling me.
Her baby girl is dead.

I asked her questions.
Her words left me with silence.

A nine year old baby girl.
She is with the Angels now.

I do a silence prayer.

Lord give mercy to a poor mother.
Lord help her understand.
Please Lord.
Give me the strength.
For I don’t understand.

Other sisters told me.
I must be strong.
I’m the old one now in the family.

I told my baby sister.
I will call her in the morning.

I think of my poor sister.
Her pain and suffering.
She must be in misery and heartbroken.

I pray again.

Lord give love and strength.
To a mother’s broken heart.
Lord give me strength.
For I don’t understand.
Mother’s babies don’t support to died.

I will drive to Detroit.
Sit with my sister.

I won’t say too much.

I will ask the Angels to accept a
beautiful girl into heaven.

She was full of hope and laughter.

Here on Earth.

I pray the Angels to give us mercy
for  broken hearts.

For here we don’t understand.

26 April 2009

© 2011 Coyote Poetry