What is real?


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What is real?

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Many questions are asked. Few people can speak the truth.  Here in the USA.  200,000 thousand  Soldiers are deployed.  Poor children were killed in the USA and China in their school. Violence is everywhere. Time to change our ways. Put the guns down.  Allow our kids to have opportunity and hope. Free college and jobs can change the fear of this up and coming generations.  The 27 people killed in Connecticut should be a wake-up call. Kids need hope,  opportunity and be able to dream of great things.  I hope the poor families have a lot of support. I would lose my mind if one of my children was killed or hurt.


Poetry, my dear friends,
is a sacred incarnation of a smile.
Poetry is a sigh that dries the tears.
Poetry is a spirit who dwells in the soul,
who nourishment is the heart,
who wine is affection.
Poetry that comes not in this form is a false messiah.
Kahlil Gibran.
Perfection Keep me away from the wisdom which does not cry,
The philosophy which does not make me laugh
and the greatness which does not bow before children.
Kahlil Gibran
The unbeliever  (The Quran-surah)
1. Say: Unbelievers.
2. I do not serve him that which you serve.
3. Nor do you serve him whom I serve.
4. Nor am I going to serve that which you serve.
5. Nor are you going to serve him whom I serve.
6. You shall have your religion and I shall have my religion.

What is real?

I watched the news on CNN. Men trying to confuse us with double talk.
We were warned of a time where the government would want to control all things.
Something should be easy to understand.

The separation of religion and Government.
The Federal and state government are not banks.
Religion is a private matter.
Giving money to banks and loan companies was a bad sign.
Do they give all the poor men and woman who lost their homes and businesses a low-interest loan too? No they did not.

If you study real common sense. If you know history. New Testament and Quran are based on love and forgiveness. Man’s change the words to profit the world of money and powerful nations.

Violence bring hate. Death brings more death. Blood of father’s will follow into the son’s and daughter’s. Create wall of new hate and wish for revenge never to end.

Today few places are not touched by war.
War blocked out the real problems.
The Gulf of Mexico was killed off with oil.
Nuclear waste dumped into the Asia seas.
30 million will died of starvation this year in Africa.

Brother’s are killing brother’s in all parts of this world.
Religion is not the problem.
Hate and foolishness is the problem.
A bomb exploded in the USA.
Killed men/woman and children in Oklahoma city.
A bomb exploded in Baghdad open market killing innocent shoppers.
Children in the kindergarten in the USA are learning to take cover if
there is an attack.
Did we lose our minds? When did the world fall on the path of hate and destruction?

An eye for a eye world will end with no winners.
Time to lock-up all the world leaders in a room.
Like the days of Unions.
Can’t come out till all problems are fixed.
The country with internal struggle must gather the men and woman of wisdom.
Have peace talks and quit killing their brother’s and sister’s.
Must stop the blood.

Brother’s must stop killing their fellow country men and women.
Powerful nations need to sent Soldiers with food and water to the starving nations.
I’m Ojibwa/Mexican.

I believe will take the circle of life to find peace.
Need all races to demand peace and end to war.
Pollution and destruction of this planet must stop.
It won’t matter if you are a Muslim, Christian or a believer of nothing.
A nuclear weapon will put all of us on the path of no return.

I pray the madness must end.
For the sake of the children everywhere.
No-one want their babies to die.
We must change direction and allow our children to grow-up without fear and great hope.

Poet and writers must lead the way. Need to hear voices strong and loud. Someone must lead this world from a destiny of pain and destruction.


© 2011 Coyote Poetry