A solace and a blessing.


A solace and a blessing.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


A young man poem. When love was your only purpose. Best days of a life.


A  solace and a blessing.
The good cognac and German wines kept me in my woeful and  tranquil state.I was lost, fainthearted and raging mad at life.
Death and dreams were shattered on eroded roads I can’t remember.
I thought I was born to love.

My sacred love has languished my life.

And the tormented cure is my wrathful and oblivious soul that is left.


I lay in the sweat of shattered dreams wishing for nothing.

Old friend with tranquil smile asked me to walk with her.

She took me to the youth Hostel on the hill.


I would not look at her too long.

Her great beauty was too much now.

I was content to lose my freedom to beer and wine.


She told me I was falling down to hell and a woeful state.

I needed to find a refuge in her for a moment.

I looked at her beautiful face.

Her  soft and tender eyes were a solace and a blessing.



I told  her “I’m treacherous, a coward and lost my spirit to be alive.”

Her answer was silent.

She took my hands and kissed them.



She whispered ” Love is a two-sided blade.

We must repent and vitalize new dreams or we shall die.”


She took me to her small apartment.

She sat between my legs.

Her blue eyes asked  for nothing.

Her hands govern by gentleness and skill  eroded my wall of turbid and sad emotions.


Music of Leonard Cohen mingle into the emotion of a sweet harmony.

Her sweet kisses  and her curvaceous body taunted my hunger to dance in the bliss of love.


Sweet Brigitte whisper “Real love is hopeful and beautiful.”

She undressed slowly and she incited my soul to savvy in the heat of her succulent flesh.


I brought her close and I whispered “Come to me.

My heart is my enemy, discontent and full of sorrow and pain.”


She sat on my lap and her perfect young body was so beautiful.

She got up and  walked away to her bedroom.

In the darkness and safety of her small apartment she called me to her.


Told me “True gifts of love need two people with the want to create a moment of joy and pleasure for a time.”
“Please Stay with me.” She requested.

In the mist of the morning my repressed anger turn to tears.
She caressed my face with her tender hands and with kind words told me.
“We will be Okay my sweet love.”


                                   Nov. 1979

© 2011 Coyote Poetry