No guns in our schools.


No guns in our school.

A new year is here

Time to make resolutions and wishes.

My fourth child will graduate next year.

No security guards with guns in their schools.

USA is still the land of the free and the brave.

I fought for freedom. I have no fear of going to work and living in my world.

I believe we cannot be govern by fear. If fear control our world. We have nothing left.

Children must be able to dream and never allow fear to control their thoughts and their world.

If we allow fear to overtake us. Security men with guns roaming our schools. We allowed terror to overtake us.

Be logical. Use proper security and insure only people who need to be are allowed in the schools.

First we will have security guards. Then high fences and then barb wire. Schools are not prison camps or war zones.

What are we teaching our children? Don’t listen to NRA foolish voices. Laws are needed for automatic weapons. Most big cities have written laws in effect for many years.

There is no perfect system. It is a hard world for many. USA need opportunity and help for the people in need. When a child cried out for help. Someone need to be there. Parent must show concern and the school system at all levels need to be alert to possible problems.

Let’s pray.

Let’s use logic and wisdom.

Foolish men need to be quiet.

Children need to celebrate each new day.

We cannot live in fear. This is the USA.

Home of 300 million people.

Terror cannot control us. Teach the children well. They are the future. Show them the world is good and the possibilities are unlimited.

A new year is coming. I pray for peace. All our Soldiers on the USA soil.

I pray the new wars are on sickness and starvation in our world.

I hope and pray for peace in the Middle East.

I pray every child had a safe place to rest and food to eat.

Children are the future. They must be fearless.

It is time for forgiveness, love and healing. Not a lot of time left if we seek war and violence.

Let the children sing, dance and dream in our world.

When we need a armed security guard in our school. We allowed fear to kill the desire of freedom and hope.