“I love you forever and a day.”

Old memories become sweet dreams in old age.

Old memories become sweet dreams in old age.

“I will love you forever and a day”

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Written in 1978. Memories are like a good wine. Become better with time.


  ” I will love you forever and a day”.A serene and tranquil day.

She took my hand and whispered.
“My laughing American.
Life is hard.
Love can be sweet.
Wine gets better with time.
Please come with me.
Let’s salvage our emotion and want.”

“Youth will be discarded.
We will be exile to adults.
Who will lose the treasures of the tender touch
and the sweet sensation of true passion.”

I asks “When we lose the thrill of the dance?
Emotion and gentleness recede to children dreams.
Will only the debris of youth be left?
Will I forsake your beautiful face and memory?”

Leonard Cohen song was playing softly in the small apartment.

“Sisters of mercy.”By the light of soft burning candles.
Two shadows try to indulge in the gift of love and passion.
Trying to satisfy every sensation and emotion.

The morning light appears.
We languished into the afternoon.
Holding each other tightly.
We knew we held paradise for a moment.
When we left the room.
We would leave  our innocent and youth locks in
a sweet dream.

We knew we entrenched two lives together.
She handed me a journal.
Told me to write your passion and sweet dreams
in this book.
In time we will forget to love and be gentle.
Only the story and old memories will bring peace in the end.

The first page she wrote words of love.
I kissed her lips.
Thanks her for the journal.

I read the last line from her sweet words.

“I will love you forever and a day.”


© 2010 Coyote Poetry