The karma of love.

My Scottish Beauty.

My Scottish Beauty.

The karma of love

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


When we are young. We waste the gift of love.


     The Karma of Love
Written on 5 March 1985

I remember when the sparkles in your eyes could
light up the world surrounding you.

I remember how I wanted you.

How I twisted my world backward.

Just for a few moments of your touch.

Now my heart is in remorse and dismantle.
Every time I think of you.
How you made every moment so special.
I feel weaken.

Now your smiles are rare.
Your beautiful blue eyes lost their sparkles.
You are living alone in a wasteland of loneliness.
Hiding all your pain.
I taught you.

Maybe your life wasn’t so tough.
But your heart was tender.
Easily broken.
And me.
I was just after another conquest.
Another heart to add to my hunger.
Never to be fulfilled.

You won.
After I left you.
Your beautiful face.
The memories of your tears.
Left me empty and dead.

Now I dreams I left you smiling.
Laughing for our love would never
end for you.
You would be my brightest star.
I would be there to hold you when you
were afraid.

I awake alone.
Seeing the damage done to you.
Was done to me.

I called you.
I told you. “I’m sorry.
I would come back.
I miss and love you.”

You whispered.
“Thank you.
I’m alright.
It is too late.
I have nothing left to give.”

So funny.
I realized I stole all your dreams.

I also lost my dreams the morning I left you
in our warm bed.
To conquer another poor woman.

Leaving you with my heart.

5 March 1985