The Gypsy dance.

ps_2010_12_08___12_03_47021_21The Gypsy dance.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Good to know freedom and understand the dance of free-will and dreams.


 The Gypsy dance
Late at night on the Monterey bay.
If you listen well.
You can hear music and strong voices singing the song of secrets
and mystery.Sometime If the tequila and gin is strong.
You can join in the song and the dance.
Find freedom and be able to  scream and yell against
a society making us all robots. Just waiting for death.The Poets, musicians and actors go to the sea after the tavern
are closed down. We sing and dance. We yell at the moon.

We do not want the rope around our necks dragging us to the ways of the controlled people.

Let us be free, free to roam and think. To be able to create and not be locked
in a prison of bills and responsibilities. Breakdown the rules and laws strangling me.

I don’t want the big house, the high price cars.
Just the freedom to be able to roam.

The road is calling my name. Whispering stories of great beauty and unknown places.

I hear the wicked woman calling me. They don’t want forever.
Their Gypsy eyes want to dance in the heat of the flesh.

The Gypsy soul know nothing last forever. Tomorrow we may be dead.

Celebrate life, like this is our last day.

Drink and dance till the end. The Devil will welcome us with open arms.

For we celebrated every second of life.

We were truly free of the bloody rules.


© 2013 Coyote Poetry