Sanctuary of love and kindness.


Grandparent, family.

Grandparent, family.

Sanctuary of love and kindness.

Old friends have left me. Warm and safe houses are gone. Friendly and kind words are missed. Old faces with smiles and with always  an open doors went to a better place.

Strong arms who loved their children left memories and wise advice. Who will take their places? Who will listen and not condemn mistakes and tell you. “You will be okay.”

I know everyone must died. We must get old. Our elders must leave this earth. Leave their tire bodies.

I wished I told them thank you more and told them I love and appreciated their gift of love and friendship.

Sad hearts are left. Their love one’s had left them. I’m left to give hugs and support.

I tell them how lucky we were to have our Grandparent. I smile and tell my children.

You will have always have a home in good or bad times.  I will love you and support you.

I prayer to the Gods of life and death. Take care of my dear Grandparent.  My Angels are with you. For without them.

My life would have been empty and alone.