Dreaming of you and Big Surf.


Dreaming of you and Big Surf
(I tell the kids. Live before work steals your soul and dreams. Life need to be  sweet pleasure and many  journeys to find gifts of laughter and friendship in a life. A poem for a beautiful North Dakota  woman who showed me to how to celebrate being alive.)

Two strong hearts not afraid of tomorrow.

With a  long road of living ahead.

Her beautiful long tan legs in my view.

Brown hair flowing in the Big Surf breeze.

Make me wish to look into her blue eyes forever.

Her gentle blue eyes looking into mine. Made me feel strong and weak in the same moment.

Sweet Gail, she laughed at the wind.

Lived like today was our last.

I roamed the summer of 1992 the coastline of California with my kind friend.

Beautiful Gail tall, long-legged and beauty that took my breath away.

On a lonely Pfiefer beach.

She whispered Johnnie read me poetry.

Her nude body was perfect. Her head laying in my lap.

She closed her eyes.

She asked was it okay she was nude.?

I kissed her sweet lips.

Told  her I have paradise by the sea.

I read her my words. She fell asleep.

These would be our last days of freedom.

Now I have sweet dreams of Big Surf and a goddess.

Feb 2009