The whiskey and the beer.



Whisky (Photo credit: chi-ryu)

The whiskey and the beer.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Easy to hide in the wrong things and places.


                          The whiskey and the beer
A whiskey and a beer was the song we sang to each other.
We found each other hiding in a corner in a  dark Austin tavern.
We fell together.Not to celebrate life but to celebrate death.She told me. “I was a beauty once and many wanted my attention.”

I kissed her whiskey soaked lips. Told her. ” Beauty is one more bloody thing to blind us from the truth.”

“Now we are ugly with disappointment. It don’t matter, beauty isn’t what we need now.”

I ordered a pint of good English lager and a double shot of Jack Daniels.

We sit together daily. Two strangers with no place to go. Somehow misery bring two confused people together.

Somehow we become one for a time. Trying to rebirth the desire for flesh and life.

Even the flesh become less needed with no hope and dreams. I wrap my arms around her in the late night.

Trying to give comfort to someone fighting dead and old ghost and pain.

I wake up. I release her and make some morning coffee.

I pour the coffee into my cup. I added some Jim Beam to give the coffee strength.

She awake. Her tire eyes looking at me needing a kind voice and coffee.

I pour her a cup of coffee and added some whiskey. I told her. “We will be alright.”


© 2013 Coyote Poetry