Spare me your stories and sleazy words.

The Fool

The Fool (Photo credit: ξωαŋ ThΦt (slowly back…))

Spare me your stories and sleazy words.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Mistakes can be costly. The lessons are to teach us to be kind.


Spare me your stories and sleazy words.
(2 March 1986)

I awoke alone.

I reached out and brought a ghost of a lover back into my arms.

In my sensuous and tranquil dreams.

I held  her nubile body and savior her sweet kisses.

I dreamed you whispered my name.

I felt you closing your eyes.

Your dreams opening up nights of splendor and a torrid love.

You awoke with tarnished memories and you want solitude.

I left you an early spring morning.

My icy words without remorse.

Left you with tears on your beautiful face.

You sit-up in your bed.

Realizing you were alone.

Tears felled for not understanding why someone who loved you.

Would tease with words of love and promise .

Then perish into the morning light.Sometimes the villain learn too late.He sacrificed paradise and lapsed into an oasis of shit for not being kind.Fool’s ask for pardon.Woman who swim in loneliness and self pity.Whispered. “What do you want now?You taught me hate.

You taught me loneliness.

Now I want mercy from you.

Leave me.

Spare me your stories and sleazy words.”

I went to her.

Touched her face.

Whispered I’m sorry.

Into the night.

A man with the hunger to touch everything.

Yearn for serene and splendor nights.

He has loved an angel once.

His hunger for new flesh left him empty.

He is shrouded in sadness for braking a woman’s heart.


© 2012 Coyote Poetry