America the beautiful


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My good friends killed in Iraq in 2004 with my daughter and his two daughters.

My good friends killed in Iraq in 2004 with my daughter and his two daughters.

(We must set the example for the world. USA is a mix of all races. Time for the people of the USA to unite and demand change. Create new jobs and hope. Quit investing in police actions and invest in roads and new housing for the low-income. Can’t spend half your budget on war and survive.)
America the beautiful
I stood in front of my friend grave.
I saluted the grave and sat with him.
I told him kids are fine and I’m okay. I miss his bad jokes and laughter.
I drank three beers.
I left three cans  of budlight on his grave.
His favorite beer.
He was raised in a small town.
When he was killed in Iraq in 2004.
Whole city stood with his family.
A City cries for their lost son.
We still live in the America the beautiful.
When  cities close down for a fallen brother.
So many people in a line waiting for food.
Many kind volunteers with kind faces hands
food to graceful people.
Real Americans giving their time and money.
Americans standing together in good and bad time.
An American Girl from Washington State.
Stood in front of strangers in the Middle East.
A human shield protecting people helpless and afraid.
Rachel Corrie was willing to died for strangers to
protect human life and property.
She makes me proud to salute my USA flag.
Our children standing tall and fighting for the good
in the crazy and violence world.
A volunteer Military fight for the USA government.
Woman and men who serve with honor and pride.
I watch them load the plane to go to War zones.
Leaving  the safety of their homes.
Leaving family and friends.
The Soldiers make me proud to be an American.
I pray for their safe return.
God bless the USA.
Give strength and wisdom to our  leaders.
Pray for better days for the poor and homeless.
America is struggling today.
Strong men and woman won’t let her fall down.
We will stand together.
My friend Daughter show me her tattoo on an arm.
Her father description and I won’t forget.
She told me my Father was a hero.
He died for a reason.
She made me feel proud.
Beautiful young American Girl.
Her Father would be so proud of her and her sister.
It time for us to demand action.
Americans have been through many hard times
in her history.No excuse for wasted time or money by our Government.
Need to use resources and people to make the USA
the greatest country in the world.
Here in the USA.
Men with different religion can be neighbors.
People from all places are friend and neighbors.
We are free to decide our life.Freedom is costly.When the old Flag roll by.
Remember  how many died for us to be free.
Salute her with pride.
Wave her proudly in front of your home.American is still beautiful.

300 million standing together.