“Twisted city. ”

Twisted City Part one

A Chapter by Coyote Poetry


Never underestimate fate. When we swim in sin. The Devil may find you.


Twisted city

( Men with evil and cold hearts they believe they are invincible in this twisted world. There are men with a different kinds of hate and violence. They can see into  the souls of the Demons who are roaming. These men are waiting to cut them down and sent the Demons into hell.)

The Greyhound is speeding down the highway to the city of Angels.
The bus has only a few passengers coming from Salt lake City.
Night have taken over the old city.
Many of the them woke up when they see the lights of the city coming closer.

John Coyote is in a deep sleep.
Bad dreams are dancing in his head.
He is standing alone surrounded by spirits asking him to come home.

Coyote looked at his hand.
He is holding a bloody blade.
He screamed out like a wild beast to the sky.

Falls to the ground.

Then stand up with eye of hate.

He awoke from the dream  and he saw the light of the Los Angeles in the distance.
He always loved the city.

The ghosts of people of the old were still here from another time.

A city based on many dreams and ideas.

The city awake the inner spirit.

It was a holy ground for the people who were buried in hate.

He got off the bus and walks into the city.



  The city was always alive.
People roaming everywhere.

Lonely and sad faces not looking at each other.

  Most of them with  no place to go.

They were desperate and afraid.


The not so bad temperature of Los Angeles offered a warm climate
and a  safe place to hide.

Many people with hidden life tried to create a new journey.

Hard to re-create life in hell.

Coyote like to watch their eyes.
Some were full of fear. Most wanted or needed something.
He worn old clothing and never shaved  when he was roaming..
He wanted to be another poor man roaming like an invisible ghost in the mist of people.

He decided to stop and watch the people of the night.

He ordered a coffee and sit across from a busy street corner.
Two young girls caught his attention.
They were wearing short black skirts and tight blouses showing firm young bodies.

Two girls stood together. He saw their fear and  the need of two people just holding on.
They were young and he knew the stories of bad homes.

Too many rules and no freedom.
Go to L.A and become famous.

He watched as a large white man walks up to them. He is well dressed with a sadistic smile. With anger in his eyes.
He tapped them hard on their heads.
Told them. ” Make more cash than yesterday.
If  you don’t you will be punished.”
The young girls looked afraid and shake their head in affirming they understood.

The man walked away.

Coyote saw one of the girls hugs the other girl
She whispered. ” We will be alright. ”

Coyote decide to talk to the young girls and see what he could do.

He felt hate rising in his heart for men who abuse and destroy these girls.

Coyote walked up to the girls.
He asked how are you?

The girls asked. ” What did he want?”
He told them he wanted to buy them food?
The oldest looking of the two said. ” We can’t.”

Her blue eyes did not trust the stranger.

  “We are working. “

Coyote brought out a wad of money and told them. ” I  will pay you for your time.”

He took them two blocks away.

To a small 24 hour café.

Told the girls to order anything they want.

The girls were afraid.
They didn’t know what Coyote wanted.

He sat in silence and watched them study the menu.

He asked them what were their names?
The girl with the long red hair told him. “My name is Peggy.”

” I’m from Houston and this is my friend Susie.
She is from Michigan. ”
Susie smiles and told him. “They call me KC here in the streets.

She had sad brown eyes. Her dress allowing the eyes to see her body. The bruises  of

abuse could be seen. He long brown hair was clean. He could feel no hope in her spirit.

He asked them how long have they been in LA?
Susie told him. “I been doing tricks for two years.
I will be sixteen in a week.
Peggy is pretty new and isn’t doing so good.  “

The girls quit talking because the pimps keeps them drugs up and weak.
Both of the girls ate quickly and in silence.

Coyote felt anger grow in his blood.
He wished he could help the girls.

Peggy a natural beauty.
Full breasted and strawberry blond hair.

Blue eyes like a clean ocean.

She asked “What do you want from us?”

He asked. “Would you escape if you could? “

Susie told him, “I screw up and ran away.

I don’t know how to escape.

 I don’t know how to get out.

Poor Peggy was my fault.

She has no place to go. I brought her into this hell.

Took her to my pimp.

He drugs her and rape her. We are invisible now.

My pimp Tom would kill us first before allowing us to leave. “

Susie has tears in her eyes.
“Whispers I want to go home to Michigan and see my family.”

A dark shadow overtake the table.
A large white man with shining gold teeth stood looking at Coyote.
He told the girls get up and go to work now.

He asked Coyote. “What are you doing with my girls?
He smiles and told  him.
“The girls were hungry and I’m willing to buy them for the night.”

He handed twenty new 100 dollars bill to the pimp.
The pimp took his  hand and held it for a moment. He put a wad of money in his pocket.  With a dirty and hateful smile. Told him.

“My name is Tom.”
His eyes were shining now.

He turned and told the girls.  “Do what this man want.”

Tom told Coyote. “Come to my private place.
The girls know where. ”

Coyote smiles and asked.  “Do you have a sauna? ”
Tom smile and said. “Enough room for three.
I  want the girls to take you around the world buddy.”

Coyote goes to the bathroom.
Sit and brought out  $10,000 out of his belt-storage.
He has only $1000 left.
He thought shit I will need to go to the bank tomorrow.
He sat on the commode and his mind began to sing softly.
” So much to do, no time to do it.
So much to do. No time to do it.”

The girls looked frighten.
They told  him Tom will kill him.

Coyote smiles and asked. “Do you want to escape for real?”

Peggy begin to cry.
She questioned. ” It isn’t possible?”

Coyote told them. ” All things are possible. ”

Susie asked. ” What you got a lot of money or what are you a saint?”
He told them. “I’m no saint.”

At the airport he bought them new clothing.

They come out of the bathroom looking like normal 16 years old girls.
He handed them a package.
Both girls were dreamy eyes and didn’t believe what was happening.

He told them. “There was $5,000 in each package.
Forget what happen in L.A and promise never to come back.

Life is hard. No-one can learn the easy way. We must touch hell before learning what is worthwhile. And I need one more thing.
I need the address of Tom.”

He hugged Peggy at the airport check point.
Told her .  “We all make mistakes and just learn from them.  Tell Texas I said howdy.”

She told him. “My grandmother would be waiting for me.
Thank you.”


He sat with Susie. She asked him. “I’m dirty and I don’t know if I’m

even worth one breath of air anymore. I believe I should kill myself and make the world a better place.”

Coyote wrapped his arms around her. He whispered. “You must live to make the bad people lose. You are still a baby. Flesh is just flesh. What matters is what we are thinking and where you are going. You will have a hard road. You must stand your ground and never allow anyone to hurt you.?”


Susie flight was called. She stood up and hugged him. Told him. “For you my kind new friend. I will try.  What is your name.? Please allow me to know the person who care enough to help me.”

He smile and told her. “My name is John.” She gave him a bear hug and ran to her gate.

As the Taxi drove into the city.
He prepared a drug and filled two needles.
The song rolled in his head.

“So much to do and no time to do it.
So much to do and no time to do it.”

He gets to the city.
He is  within a mile of Toms apartment.

He walked quickly and see a condominium.

His anger rises as he think of those girls.
Hungry and drugs up living in the streets.

He walked up the steps and knock on the door.
Tom open the door and asked. ” Where are the girls?

It is 9 am in the morning. Where are my girls?”
Coyote told him they are coming in a minute.

Tom walked outside and look around.
He asked. “Are you  a cop?”
He told him. “Far from it.”

Tom invite Coyote in and asked. “How much money do you have?
For wasting my girls time I want $2000 more.
Or I will kill you.”

Coyote smile.
Told him. “You will be paid for his girls time and more.
This morning you will get paid for all your bad deeds.”

Twisted City Part two

A Chapter by Coyote Poetry


All deeds good and bad are tattoos on our hearts. We will pay for sins one day in hell. Some poor souls must pay in life and death.


Twisted City part 2

(Old Native American wisdom. If you look quick enough. You can see Death waiting on your left shoulder.  Old Native American Naguals don’t teach the men with hate and violence. For the Nagual can see in the souls and spirit of men. )

Tom told Coyote to sit down.
He looked around and see big screen TV’s.
A stereo system on every wall.

A loaded bar filled with the best liquor.
Drugs and cash on every table.

His anger increases because he knew the young girls made money for the scum.

He remembered what Susie told him.

 It was her fault Peggy fell into prostitution.
She brought Peggy to Tom. 
Coyote could hear the screams of Peggy.
 Susie watched him drug her and rape  her in the condo.

The song sings in his head. So much to do and no time to do it.
So much to do and no time to do it.

Tom turned to Coyote.
Demands to know where is girls are?

Tom drink his whiskey watching Coyote.  Tom told him. “These girls are nothing. Just flesh to be used. Fuck up world control by hateful men. I have 12 girls on the street. I’m a rich mother fucker. I see the hate in your eyes. You ain’t nobody. Men who love hate and don’t give a shit are in charge.”


He smiles and told him they will be here in a minute.
Tom come face to face with him.
Whispered ” I will kill you if they don’t come soon. “

Coyote reaches in his back pocket.
Pushes off the safety.
He reaches around and shoot the needle in the back of Tom neck.

Tom yelled. “What the fuck did you do.!”
He falls down and reaches out like a baby.

He yelled.  “What did you do to me? ”

Coyote walks slowly around him.
He bent down and whispered.
“Most of us will  pay for our sins in hell.
You are lucky.
You will pay for your sins here on earth and in hell.”.

Coyote walk to the front door and locks it. Come back to Tom.

He ties the hands and feet up.

Tom is begging to be release.

He tries to yell. ” I will kill you”. Only a whisper can be heard.

Coyote whispered into Tom’s ear. “Did you release the young girls you drugs up?

You rape and murder innocent young girls.

You are black with hate. You will be in hell soon.”

Tom eyes are large and he was shaking with fear.

He realized he was with someone more crazy than him.


  Coyote walks into every room till he found a bags of cocaine on a bed.

He found a set of knifes from Africa on the dresser. They were beautiful. Old strong steel.

The blades were sharp and he could feel the energy of a skill knife maker.

He take the knife set and cocaine to Tom shaking body.
He sits on his chest and told Tom.

“Life is a fair journey. Many ways to die.  You gave a lot of pain in your misery life. I wish I had more time. I would give you a Apache death. Days of great pain. Not allowing you to die.  You are lucky. Your death will come quickly.” He took the first knife out. The 12 inch blade shine in the light of the lamp. He planted the knife near the  heart with light force. The blade slide in easier. He thank the skill artist for the powerful blade. Tom is froze with fear now. He began to beg for mercy. “Please allow me to live. I got money. I got a lot of money, Please don’t kill me.”


The second blade he planted in the stomach. Tom was trying to scream. The third and last blade. He planted in the groin area. Tom was trying to reach for Coyote. The knife was set to create great pain. He sat and watched Tom agony.

He began to sing. So much to do. No time to do it.

So much to do and no time to do it.


After an hour.

He began to force the drug into Tom’s mouth.

He  fell in and out of a  coma.

Coyote sings so much to do and no time to do it.
So much to do and no time to do it.

He stood over Tom’s shaking body.

He slammed his boot into Tom’s face.

Forcing his nose structure of his face into his brain.

Tom was dead.

Coyote goes to the bathroom.
He shaved and washes up.

He cleaned the sink. He knew he was losing his mind.

He shook it off.

He walked around and collect all the cash.

He sat down and drank a whiskey and counted the money.
He laughs as he has almost $10,000.

He looked around and goes to Tom’s body.
He kicks him and smiles.

Coyote felt good as he left the apartment.
He locked the door and wander into the street of Angels like a ghost.

Los Angeles was peaceful in the morning.
He decide to find a place to rest.

A Mission was close by and he wandered in.
A Native American man was at the counter.
He bows and told him  to find a place to rest in the back of the building.

If he was hungry come back in an hour for lunch.
He thanks the man and found a  cot to lay down on.


His dreams were always the same.
Death was talking to him.
Death has
a woman face.
She told him it was time.
He has to stop.

Old friends praying for him.

He saw their faces.

Wishing he could see them.

 Then his dream would change.
Old Naguals surround him in a circle.
Talking as one telling him he cannot keep killing.

A Nagual was to heal and create medicine.

He awoke by  a gentle taps of the old Native American  man.
“Time for lunch.”

He shook Coyote hand.
Told him. “My name is Taylor. Welcome and this is my shelter. Go wash up.

I believe my daughter Ambrosia is in the back. She can give you a toothbrush

and some clothing.”
They walked to the lunchroom and everyone told Taylor thank you and hello.
Coyote knew the man Taylor has a good spirit.

He felt the warmth of his heart when he met him.
Taylor told  him we don’t have much.

Coyote found a young woman. He told her he was sent for a toothbrush and fresh clothing by Taylor. Her dark eye gave him a hard look. She told him. “Your clothing are clean. I will give you the toothbrush and point you to the wash area.”


He washed his face and went to the lunchroom.
Ambrosia brought the soup and bread to him. Told him.
“Enjoy the soup and bread. We lost a lot of donations. Hard to keep up the shelter now. So many desperate people.” Coyote could free her kind spirit.
 He ate the soup and bread and was thankful.

At the door of the mission was a donation box. He put all the money in his pockets into the slot.


Coyote left the mission.

So many hungry people.

He didn’t have the cure.

But he could do a little to help.
He  went to a local grocery store.
He asked the owner do they deliver food?
A young Mexican told him we could if the order was large enough.

Coyote told the man what he wanted and paid him.
He watched the truck drive to the shelter with the food.
Taylor saw Coyote from  the distance.  He bow to him and gave him a prayer.


Coyote disappears into the city.

The police were called to a condominium.
They called in the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Tiffany Grey received a call.
They told her a case which fit the description of the roaming serial killer in LA.

She told them don’t touch nothing.
I am there in 4 hours.

She packs quickly.
She knew her drive time would be 4 hours.
She knew she has to get there quickly before all the evidence got screw up.

She was pretty.
She has  flowing brown hair and blue eyes.
She works out often as she could.

Her mind was racing.
She wonder was the killer in the city still?

She got to the crime scene and police were everywhere.
A young Officer told her.

Whoever killed him took his time.
He sat in that chair and drank a whiskey.
He washed up and shaved.
This man must be brave or damn crazy.

She told him he isn’t crazy.
He know how to kill and leave no evidence.

He killed for reasons that are not off the wall.
Never a good person.
Only drug dealer, rapist and abuser of children.

She asked the officer any witnesses?
He told her some of the girls that works for him shows up.
Not too much grief for this man Tom Walker.

He was a well-known pimp who was known for abuser and having the younger prostitutes.

Tiffany told him to dust everything.
Find any witnesses and pray for a break.

Coyote is waiting for his bus for San Francisco.
He decided to go home to see his beloved girlfriend of many years Beatrice .

She been with him for a long time.
She never complained when he disappeared for 3-4 months trips.
She kept his records and she  was his accountant.
She was with him since his first book of poetry was published 15 years ago.

The bus ride to San Francisco was beautiful.
He allowed his mind to wander.

Coyote was 50 years old and in pretty good shape for an old man.

He thought of Beatrice.
He met her at the pier in San Francisco.
She was so beautiful and 18 years old.
A perfect body and so intelligent.

He went to her and they became friends quickly.

She came to a poetry reading and fell in love with his words.
She been with him since that day.

Coyote arrived in San Francisco in the evening.
The sun was falling into the sea.

He went to her small condo facing the bay.
He open the door and heard the shower running.

He sat on the bed and waited.
She walks out and without being afraid she saw him sitting there.

Her towel drops and she fell into his arms.

She tells him. ” I miss you and take a shower now.”



Twisted City Part three

A Chapter by Coyote Poetry


Jesus said when a man who offered a hand to help a child. Will be an honor quest at his table.


Twisted City part 3

(Death can come from a Angel/Demon with a smile and a goodbye)

Beatrice layed in his arms.
Coyote watched her sleep.
He doesn’t sleep too much lately.

A vision appeared in his dreams of a brown hair woman.
She is looking for him with real desperation.

She would become his student and his killer.
He tried to sleep as the morning light appears in the window.

He wake up and he smelled bacon and eggs cooking.
He goes to Beatrice and wrapped his arms around her.

She asked how long are you staying?
He whisper three days.

She smiles and don’t complain.
She like her private time.
And now had a stable of writers and poets who keeps her busy.

She asked  “When was going on book tour?
Are you going to do some poetry readings? “

“Your readers going to think you are dead
if you don’t make a appearance soon. ”

He told her. ” I will go on book tour in the fall. “

She smile and never question where he was or going.
She told him. “You must be in Seattle in 10 day for your new book opening. ”
Coyote smiles and kissed her.

The three days go quickly.

He kissed her goodbye and go to his old Dakota truck.
Beatrice insured the truck is always ready with basic maintenance.
Coyote turned the key and the truck sound quiet and ready to go.

He looked up and Beatrice is waving goodbye.
He tossed her a kiss and gets on the road.

He arrived in Portland and parked the truck in a parking structure.
He didn’t know why he had to be here  today.
He had a gut feeling he had a purpose to be in Portland today.

He walked to a coffee shop and a young girl asked.
“Honey can I help you? ”
He ordered a coffee and the breakfast special.

A young couple sat close by.
Coyote saw bruises on her face.

She was barely nineteen years old.

She looked beat down and tire.

She was holding a child close to her.

The man with her was speaking loud and told her.
”  I will kill her and the baby if you left me.”
He reached over and slapped her.

She hid her face. Hiding the red mark on her face.

Coyote fallen into a memory of a good friend.
She was beautiful.
She loved him and was a good friends for many years.

She met a man who abused her.
She told him don’t do anything to him.

He will get better.

He got a call. He went and saw her for the last time.

She was so cold in the basement of the Hospital

He had to arrange her funeral.  .

He paid for her funeral and the man paid for his sins.

He had a bad death.


He awoke.

Coyote heard the girl crying.
She asked him. “Please  let me go.
Please let me leave? “

He told her. ” I will kill you first.”
He slapped her a second time.

Coyote reached over and touched his shoulder.
He whispered. ” I will break your arm if you hit her again.”

The man  stood up and  told the woman. ” Go home now. ”
He tossed 5 dollars on the table and followed the woman.

Coyote get up and tossed 20 dollars on the table and follow the couple.

They go into an old apartment building a few blocks away..

Coyote saw a sub shop across the street.
He goes to it.

A young red-head say. “Hi Honey.
What can I get you?”
He ordered a sub and a coffee.

He would wait for the woman to appear.
It wasn’t long.

She goes to the sub shop and order food  then to the liquor store.
She returned and the waitress goes to her.
She felled into her arms.
The waitress told her to call the police.

She told her. ” They won’t do a damn thing.
He will kill me one day.”
She goes back to her apartment.

The waitress come to Coyote.

Refilled his coffee.

  He asked her. “Was everything Ok? “

She sat down with him and told him. ” Jennifer was the sweetest
and happiest girl in the neighborhood.”

He will kill her one day and no-one will give a shit.”

He asked  “Why won’t she call the police? ”
She told him. ” They came 3 or 4 times already and did nothing.”

The waitress come close and spoke quietly.
” I would kill that bastard myself if I could.”

Coyote asked. “Why can’t she leave? “

The young waitress said my name was Laura.
She told him the girl  father is a preacher in Ohio.

She don’t want to bring this problem to him.


  He asked. “What is his name?
She smiled and told him. “His name is  like the president Samuel Adams.”

Coyote waits until she appeared again.
She goes to Laura and asked to borrow twenty dollars to buy whiskey.
So when Paul woke up he would be happy.

Coyote goes to her and he asked. ” How have you been Jennifer?
I’m a friend of your father.
Are you Ok? ”

Jennifer mind been so screwed up she didn’t know this man.
She told him. ” I don’t remember you? ”

Coyote smile and told her. “It been a long time and   can I help you?
Have you talk to your father in Ohio?”

Jennifer laughs and told him.  “If you can buy me and my baby a plane ticket.
Give me a lot of money.
You can? “

Coyote smiles and told her that isn’t a problem.

They go into the apartment.
Paul is passed out.

He told her. ” Get the diaper bag and he would buy whatever she needed. ”
They go to the sub shop and called a taxi.

Laura came to them and kiss Jennifer goodbye and thanking Coyote.
He puts four $50 bills in her hands.

At the airport Jennifer called her father.
He asked to speak to Coyote.
The father said. ” I don’t know you.”

“But I owe you my life for bringing my baby girl my granddaughter  back home.”

Jennifer looked Coyote in the eyes.
“I know you are a stranger and I’m  thankful. Why are you helping me?”

Coyote look away and whispered..  “Some debts are done for many reasons. I have my reasons. Today I want to save you.”

She kissed his forehead and walked toward the plane.

He called her back and puts an envelope in her hand.
“This will help you begin anew.
Please don’t let anyone hurt you again.”

In her seat she open the envelope and founds fifty $100.00 dollars bills with a note.

“You are safe now and remember the past is to  remind us to be strong and never allow anyone to hurt you again. ”

In the Taxi the song sang in his head.

“So much to do, no time to do it.
So much to do. No time to do it.”

He arrived and gets drops off a few blocks away from the apartment.

He walked into the apartment.
At the door he is standing.

Paul is yelling. ” Where you been bitch?
I will kill you next time you take off without my permission.
Where is my whiskey?”

Coyote goes and shoot the needle into side of his neck.
Paul can’t move.
He yelled. “What did you do?”

Coyote  sang lowly.
“So much to do. No time to do it.
So much to do. No time to do it.”

Paul face changed when he faces Coyote.

Coyote goes to the door and locked all the deadbolts.
He dragged Paul to the center of the floor.

Paul begin to beg for forgiveness.

Coyote put his face close and whisper.
“Do you want to dance with the devil?
You like pain?
You will find hell on earth before I’m finished.”

He goes to the kitchen and find a 2 pound head hammer.

He told Paul.
“It is skill to keep a man alive when you slowly break every bone in his body.”

Coyote began with the feet. Hitting each foot with force.

Paul wanted to scream but the drug stop the ability to yell.

He broke the bones in the knees next.

Paul  tried to pass out. Coyote goes to the kitchen.

Pour water on Paul’s face. He awoke to a smiling Coyote.

He pound the  fingers then the elbows.
After three hours Paul is falling in and out of a coma.

He  goes to his head and twist till he can hear the neck breaking.

The police called Tiffany early in the morning.

When she arrived a group  of reporters were hanging around.
She knew it must be a mess for interest in a drunk.

She walked in and see Paul laying in pieces.
She turned away.

A young police officer report he was torture for hours.

“Who would do this? ”

She said.” I don’t know if I would want to meet the man who could do this?”

She asked the officer anyone see anything?
He direct her to Laura across the street.

Laura told her about an old man who was here drinking coffee this morning.

Tiffany asked how old was the man?

Laura smile and tells her.
” I think about eighty and couldn’t walk too good.”


Tiffany asked where is the girlfriend.?

Laura smile and look into the eyes of Tiffany.

“She is in a better place.”

Tiffany smile for she heard the serial killer was big and black.
He was young and strong.
Now old and can’t walk.

She advised Laura. ” You can go to jail for not telling the truth.”

Laura asked. “Did Paul suffer? ”

Tiffany asked. “Would you feel better if he did?”

Laura said. “I wish only that I did it along time ago.”
Coyote dream were getting worst.
He felt the  woman close to him.

His dreams now are filled with old Naguals around him telling him to stop.
He knew he lost control and now he needed to kill.

He pray to the gods of life and death allow me to go home to Mt. Olympic to heal.

Twisted City Part four

A Chapter by Coyote Poetry


It is easy to get lost and confused in a life. We walk on the edge. Balancing good and evil. Must try to keep the spirit and soul clean.


                 Twisted City  part 4

Laura smiles. Told Tiffany “Some men don’t need an opportunity to hurt another woman.”

Tiffany demanded a positive ID. Warned her. ” If you don’t give me a positive description in the death. I will make you the accomplish.”

Laura smiles. Told Tiffany.” He did died badly.” I will repeat my statement.  He was old and could not walk. I wish I knew him. I would thank him.”

Tiffany always got the same response from people who saw the serial killer. He had a kind personality and killed useless people. No-one really care when the scum is clean off the street. He was consider a Angel by the people who he assisted.

Tiffany told Laura. “He killed 150 or more people. Does that bother you?”

Laura smile and did not answer. She wished she asks his name. She would pray for him. She knew killing was wrong.  But she felt no pity for the man coming down the apartment steps in a body bag.

The F.B.I got the reports early in the morning. Over 200 strange death in the large cities on the West coast to the East coast. Tiffany spread them out. In the Winter the serial killer roamed on the West coast. The warm days of Spring and Summer the killing was on the East coast. The killing was random. He seem to be in the right place. She knew he was a business person or a man who travels for a living. She checks the airport out. An impossible task to check out everyone. She believe he used buses to keep a low profile. Many people has direct contact with him. No-one would give an exact description. It wasn’t fear. They protected him. He was something good to them.

Tiffany knew his work. The F.B.I still didn’t have the belief one man was the killer. She was assigned alone on this case till she could show evident of a serial killer. He was a hero on New York and L.A. “He killed three drug dealer in Detroit. Create fear and slow down the drug trade for a short time.  He took their money and gave the money to churches and food banks one Spring.”

He would fade away and appear randomly.The F.B.I had an alert for killers who torture and used rituals in their killing report to Tiffany. He killed men who abused children, drug dealer and pimps. Rapist would get bail out and be dead ASAP.  His description range from 5 foot tall to 6 foot 5 inches. From 120 pounds to 250 pounds.  He was black, white and Mexican. She knew he was on the West coast. She would watch for any big cases involving woman or children.

Coyote went to the truck. He decided to go to Monterey. He would read some poetry and hang on the beach with friends. He needed to re-group. The last of the original group was alive and well living in Pacific grove. At one time 25 years ago. There was 4 of them. One die in the War and the other went too far into the peyote and LSD.  Drugs did aid the Shaman is learning. But all activities must be controlled.

He arrived at Pacific Grove at 5 a.m in the morning. He bought a coffee and walked the long beach of Monterey. He remembered when  he and Padget suicide board every large storm in early Spring. The four of them would drink. Sara and  Angela would watch Padget and him get tossed around and break more bones. The big storm of 1993. He damaged his rib cage from being tossed into the shore. Padget broke his leg. Was a very good day.

At 9am in the morning. He knock on Sara’s door with coffee and donuts. She was still beautiful. She fit into the life style of Pacific Grove. Long dresses and beautiful smile that made you feel welcomes and loved.

Coyote told her hola my old friend. She ran to him. Wrapped her arms around him. Brought him close. Told him. “I seen street dogs who look better. I was concern for you. I was waiting to hear you were found dead in the street or worst.” He kissed her long and hard. He whispered. ” Only the good die young. You have room for a lost fiend.” She dragged him in.

She ran a hot bath for him. He got in the tub. She sat by the tub and talks with him. They have been friend for 30 plus years. Nothing to hide no-more. She asked “Are you Ok? Your eyes are black. I see your spirit is rotting away. What are you doing?”

Coyote knew she could see and feel the bad things going on in his head. He had lost it. Years ago A Shaman brought the four together. Open their minds with tea and herb. Taught them many secret of nature. He told Coyote.” We are healers. Must control the hate. When the mind is wide open you can see into the souls and hearts of men.”

Coyote told her he was fine. He needed a trip to Washington State. Go to the mountains to clear my head. Sara saw her last old friend was walking toward death now. She begs. “Please stay with me. We can together get you back. You are dying and you know it.” He smile and told her.  “My two friends are waiting for me.” He reached to her. Kissed her forehead than lips. “I ain’t gone yet. Let’s celebrate being alive today.”

They go to the bookstore in Monterey. It was early afternoon. The owner Steve ran and hugged him. He asked. “Would you be a the reading tonight? ” Only for my norm payment he answered.  Steve smiles and told him anything you need my old friend.  Sara  and Coyote ordered coffee. Steve put the sign out John Coyote will lead the Poetry reading tonight.

Sara asked could she go with him to Mt. Rainier with him?  He knew she saw he was in deep trouble and needed help. He couldn’t tell her. It was too late. He was warned to stop many years ago. He put himself in deep shit. He was only a step ahead of Death.

He held her hand.” We need some time together.  You are my best friend. Remember when I’m dead I will be part of you still.”

Sara asked Coyote. “Do you remember the day we met at the Pow wow? He told her best day of my life Little Wolf.

Twisted City Part five

A Chapter by Coyote Poetry


Finally a new chapter.


(Are not woman and children more timid than men” The Cheyenne warriors are not afraid, but have you never heard of Sand Creek? Your soldiers look just like those who butchered the woman and children there.)
Woquini/ Roman Nose to General Winfield Scott Hancock

Road trip to Washington State

Sara asked. “Are you doing things that you shouldn’t.  The aura of you is black. Remember what our teachers taught us.  We must use our vision to heal and try to help the world.  We were a good foursome once. We were going to save the world. Now agent orange had killed Red Fox. Damn Vietnam took his body then his mind. You stood with him and held his hand to the end. He hated war. It still found him and killed him. Silent Bobcat was killed. She stood with the people protecting the forest in Portland and Washington state.   I know her spirit is dancing in the forest still. I want to burn sage for them when we get to the great woods.”

Coyote brought his chair closer. Told her. “I will read some poetry tonight and we will go to Mount Olympus in the morning and drink some rosemary tea and pray. Red Fox and Silent Bobcat needs to be remembered. Maybe I can find my sanity again? He took Sara’s hand and whispered to her. “Some deeds and sins cannot be forgotten. The spirit of the water, the sky and the earth may not be able to heal me.”

Sara layed her head into Coyote chest. She told him. “I feel the smell of death on you. War is in you still. You are controlled by rage and hate. The good spirits of Mount Olympus can heal you. I pray.”

They separate till the evening. He goes to the sea. He took out his power bag. He take out some sage.  He tried to get near where the four friends met 30 years ago. He burned the sage and does a quiet prayer.

“Lord of water, of the green earth and of the four winds. Allow the world to calm down and no peace. Please sent wisdom to the leaders. Need to walk together as one.  We are all brothers and sister on this earth. The circle of life need to come together.  Time to repair thousand years of hate. The children need a place to grow, to breath and celebrate life. All life is precious.”

Sara ran the poetry reading. Over 100 people had showed up. She gave out the simple rules. Two poem each and a ten minute limit. She announced John Coyote will read first and then passed the reading to the other Poets.

Coyote smiles and thanks all his friends for showing up. He announced. “I’m not dead yet. Just hiding out. My new book will be out in 9 days.” He looked at the group of people. Told them. “I tell people. My fans are old woman and young kids. I do appreciate you both. Here is the first poem.”

Big Surf a-dreaming.

A un-mark road with a small

sign will lead you to a hidden beach on Highway 2.A small path will lead you to paradise.A beach not safe for swimming.

But climbing into the rocks. Being one with the sea..

The waves will dance around you. You can sit and write.

The view has no equal for the eyes to see.

Pfiefer Beach is a  nude beach.

Famous for beautiful and sexy people.

The sea will steal the hunger from your eyes.

To view the beauty of the naked young woman on the sand..

I wish to drink wine at the River Inn.

Listen to the music and hear the voices of the Poets and musicians.

I was crazy then. Not so crazy today.

I remember when me and my friend chasing the poor people off Pfiefer Beach.

We were full of vodka and hate.

Told the world to f-off. Leave us alone.

So many sweet memories.
On a sunny hot summer day.

A young nude girl plays a game of chess with me.

I did not win.

So many nights on the beach sharing drink and coffee. So missed.

Where did the Poet go?

Where did all those beautiful and wonderful dreamers go?

Now I have only words on a sheets of paper.

Memories of a man running down empty beaches.

Telling the world to kiss my ass are gone.

But, give me a chance.

I believe I would read my poetry at the River Inn again.

I would climb the rocks and be thankful to be alive.

Play a game of chess with a naked woman and lose again.

                   Choose the road you love.

I sit at the crossroad of a life.
I look back and thank the Lord of life and death
for my life.

I tell the young people around me.

The Nirvana of a blessed man is to loved a woman.
Held many children.
Celebrated life and having many friends.

A wise man don’t blaspheme the people who held
joy and love over all things.
They will be the missed souls.

I light a candle.
Remembering missed family and friends.
I thank them in prayer for their

gifts of love
and friendship.Regrets will be many in a life.
Forsaken dreams and lost battles.Only remedy is to get up.
Gather your hopes and dreams.
Choose the road you love.

Kindred spirits dance in my sweet dreams.
Sweet fragments of faces of kind woman.
Exquisite ladies who gave me gifts of long
embraces and sweet kisses.

Dances by the midnight moon.
Create a paradise for a man to revive when
he is old and had too much time.

The memories of long legs, blue eyes and
flowing red hair over my body.
Still can bring a smile today.

Blunders in a  life and love can leave you disappointed.

Only cure is to celebrate each day.

Love, Dance and Laugh.

Choose the road you love.

After reading the two poems. He thanks the people and brought up a young girl to read. He told them. “Now some real poetry. Young and strong in spirit are the youth. Here is beautiful Julie to read.” Julie hugged him and open her book and begin to read.

Sara and Coyote walk to Pacific Grove. She asked. ” What have you been doing for the last 10 years. This is the fifth time I have seen you since Red Fox and Quiet Bobcat died?”

He looked at the full moon. Brought her close. Told her. “I lost it. My mind and spirit is gone. I’m soaked in blood and I’m walking on a thin line. I have danced with the Devil. He always wins.”

Sara asked. “Can you go to a real doctor? Maybe you are really sick. You been to three wars. Took a thousand god damn army pills and shots. You are lucky you are not dead already.”

They arrived at Sara house. Coyote reaches for the sky. Told her. “You can see forever into the grand ocean. You can watch the whale travel back and fro. You can hear the sea and the cries of the sea life. Look to the sea and when I’m gone. I will be dancing  with my friend  the Pacific ocean.”

Coyote laid in Sara large bed. She came to him. She took off all her clothing. Told him to “Take off his clothing. We will be like children tonight. I will be your Little Wolf again. You will be my wild beast.”

Coyote brought her body near. Her warm body brought a calm and peace. He knew lust and passion become less important with time.  Need to feel the heat of body of someone who loved and care for you. He falls into a deep dream.

Coyote stand on a mountain. Below him is fire and death.  Old man Death is next to him. Death hugged him. Told him. “You had a great mission. You choose blood and death. Maybe your deeds would of been like dust in a hurricane. World is dying. Can’t stop the poison and pollution. Fuck up man killed off his air, his water and the soil. You will watch the ending. No easy out for you great Nagual of death.”

Coyote awoke with fear and tears in his eyes. Sara caressed his face. Kissed his hands and neck. She asked. “What did you dreams.”

He told her. “We have 14 years and the world will be at it last breath. I don’t believe it can be stopped.”

Sara caressed Coyote head. Told him. “We will leave for Washington State in two hours. Maybe we can find some answers?” She kissed his forehead and lips. He saw a sadness in her eyes. He knew she had the same dreams.