On the thread of a word.


On the  thread of a word.

On the thread of a word of tenderness. I hold you close to me. I whisper I love and need you.

We stand in opposite corners. Became strangers after years of a sweet love.

Our words have become twisted. Your sad eyed asked me. “Where have the our love gone? Did we truly love?”

I remember when I ran to her. Wished all day to touch her lips and see her beautiful smiling face. To fall into wanting arms and find peace and joy.

Now two foolish people. Fell from the grace of love and cannot stop the love from dying.

I told her. “We cannot be like children who learn to love. Who danced and loved without fear once. We have allowed the love to died and now the want of departure had overtaken the wish to hold on.”

She come to me. Sad eyed and falling tears asking me if there is anything left to hold to?

Silence overcome us and tears fall. I told her. “On the tread of a word we are holding on. Sometime time can heal the disappointment and the heat of love can come back.”

Two people holding on. Hoping for new life and energy to be reincarnated.