A naken woman

A naked woman

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

                                 A  naked woman

(A wise artist once said. To see a nude woman is more wonderful then
1000 beautiful paintings in a museum.)












I tell the young men.
Go slow and easy.
When your eyes and heart is young.
The sweet memories will be  written on the walls of your heart.

When a woman allowed you into the safety of her arms and emotion.
Allow your eyes to wander over her nude body.

The kindest gift is when a woman allowed  you to caress and touch the mysteries and secret passions of her heart and soul.

Never turn your eyes away.

Fifty years of life and a million journeys.

How many opportunities to see the gift of tender flesh?
To be able to caress  legs moving with each touch?
Feel  the warmth of soft  breasts against your skin.

I don’t yearn for yesterday.
I’m thankful for the sweet kisses.
Feeling a woman close in the morning sun.
The gift in the dance of love and passion.

I don’t remember all the names.

Faces appear sometime.
Sweet memories of beautiful woman.
Whispering come inside.
Feel the heat of my body.
Two heart roaming in the heat and passion of a sweet dream.

I tell the young men.
If a woman allow you inside her passion and want.
Allow your eyes and hands to caress her till she is content.

Kiss her lips, her neck and whisper how thankful you are for her.

Woman are the greatest mysteries in a life.

When she whisper. “I need and want you.
Swim into the pleasure and be thankful for the gift of a woman desire.

Those beautiful naked ladies still dance in an old man head.

Now just gifts to bring a smile back to an old heart.

March 2009