First love.

First love

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Written in 1978. When youth was my advantage. First poem I got published years ago.













First love


A sweet and beautiful smile open the door to conversation on a warm Spring day.
The first taste of the sweet kiss is never forgotten.
Two hands becoming one and opening new doors to places to wander.
Long walks and talks leading  two people to sweet dreams and wishes.

The feeling of love cannot be stop.
When love touches the heart.
Life had reason and purpose.

When my sweet love is near.
I feel alive and strong.
I feel weak and safe at the same time.

All I do is think of my love.
The girl with the beautiful blue eyes and  who love to dance.

Her love torn down years of disappointment.
She make me  feel strong and content.
I need her body near and
to taste her sweet lips day and night.

I want to swim in her love forever and a day.

To know the peace of her arms and kindness.Sweet love, paradise of the warm sun and cold nights.
Allowed two hearts to become one on a warm Spring day.

Never forgotten.I will always love you my beautiful Daniela.


© 2012 Coyote Poetry