War and peace.

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War and Peace


I have stood with soldiers in war and peace.
We laughed and cried together.

We celebrated life and death.  We traveled to where we were told and did what we had to do.



I put bodies of Iraqi dead  Soldiers into storage containers. Killed at Death Valley.

As I loaded their bodies into  the containers I wondered who they were? Who is waiting for them?


Soldier swim in the shit.
We  must figure out what is right or wrong?

I wondered who is waiting for their Iraqi’s soldiers in the  body bags back in their homes?

I left my Mother and Father with tears as I volunteered to fight in wars.

I’m sorry now for I have children.
Who may be in conflicts where names and faces don’t matter.

Just more dead men and woman dying for the greed of war and hate.

I know we must protect ourselves.Violence and death is not the only answer.

When men speak with threats, Peace will be forgotten.

Where are the men of words?

Men who would gather together and talk of peace.

Try to stop Wars.

I hear voices of leaders who say do what I say.
Or we will attack!
  Fear closed doors, not open them.

Leaders of other countries want respect and the ability to discuss options.

Is Peace a dream in this world?

I been to many parts of this world.

Men and woman want the same.

A home and ability to support their family.

The world is falling apart.

Wouldn’t it be a sweet dream if war was on poverty and hunger?

The leaders of this world need to use wisdom.
Be able to sit in a room and discuss options beside death.

We teach children to respect each other and play carefully.

And we send them to kill strangers in foreign places at 18-21 years old.

I pray for the Gods of life and death for peace to come one day.
So my children can look at me and tell me.

The world is a great place to live in.
Instead of asking why do we fight?