Waiting by the wayside.


Beach at Monterey

Beach at Monterey

Waiting by the wayside.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Sometime we must stop and re-adjust our life and thoughts.


                                   Waiting by the wayside

I was  waiting by the wayside.
Tried to figure out simple questions.
Why am I alive?
Where should I be?

I  wondered if my life is destiny or chance?
Is my life already figure out?
Or is a schedule event for some bore God?
Playing a game with the human race with no winners.

A lady dressed in her summer dress.
Long blond hair flowing in the Summer breeze.
Rolling a necklace of leather and crystal.
She is sitting on the Seaside beach sand waiting for me.
Requested me to sit with her.

She told me.
“Live for today. Tomorrow may not come my Poet friend.”

I told her.
“I can’t balance on the edge anymore. I must decide my journey.
But I can’t figure where I can find peace and happiness.”

The beautiful young woman stood up and took my hand.
She was walking barefooted on the Seaside beach and she pointed to the sun.
She told me. “The sun will rise and fall each day. You will falter and know failure
many times. We decide our journey. We can swim in paradise or decide to play the devil.”

I told her. I was cold as ice.
My heart dead for many years.
I have my father’s blood. Use and abuse and run like hell.

She touched my face.
Her blue eyes looked deeply into my eyes.
Told me. ‘” Can’t blame the blood of elders for your mistakes.
You are free to decide. You can run with the devil or find peace
in your life.”

The woman sat down.
She requested me to sit between her legs.
I do as she requested.
She caressed my hair and neck.

She told me.
“Forgiveness is for you to find. No angels on this earth. All we got is time
to know joy and happiness. A wise person tried to be kind and not afraid
of love or failure.”

My friend raised me up. Brought me close to her.
Wrapped her arms around me. She kissed my face and lips.
She whispered.  “We have few chances to love and cherish life
my sad Poet. You need to slow down on drinking. Death will come quick enough.
Get up and seek forgiveness.”

She put the necklace on my neck. She told me the crystal will protect
you from bad things and thoughts. If you need me. I will be at my shop by the bay.”

I watched her depart.
I went to the sea.
I fell to my knees.
I prayed my brothers are in a better place.
I prayed for peace and calm in my heart.
I prayed to the spirit of life and death.
For me to do the rights things.

My kind friend was right.
We decide our journey.
We can dance with the Devil or tried to know some kind of peace.

Love and kindness lead to good places my friend.

1992/re-write 2013

© 2013 Coyote Poetry