No cure for love.



English: Leonard Cohen

English: Leonard Cohen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

No cure for Love.
(Sometime looking back in time. Bring back the bad times.  As time pass.
The bad times seem not so bad.)

In the tar pits of blasphemy and disappointment.
I tried to forget a woman face.
Tried to forget those long legs.
Erode the memory of  her beautiful body.

Leonard Cohen is playing “No cure for love.”
I sat alone in the back of Texas dance hall.

The restrains of grief and my frigid heart render me merciless and cold.

I danced on nails now.
Pain became a pleasure.
Allowing a trace of emotion to appear.
I’m filled with cancer of disappointment.
Left hopeless.
Now the twilight deepen.
I sat on the sideline of hopelessness.
Waiting for one damn reason to keep going forward.
Sensuous and beautiful woman whispered.
Sweet and spiritual words.”My Poet.
Rest with me my love.
Let’s find a secret hostel.
Where two can unite against the world.”Her perfume intoxicated my senses.
My emotion and want begin to maneuver.
Her sweet smell of lilies began to awake
my impoverish heart.

She took me to the dance floor.
We do a Texas two-step.
Slow and easy.

Her sweet voice whispered to me.
“I’m here.
I have tasted pain.
Swim in the misery of disappointment.”

“Tonight we must redeem our heart and soul.”

She gave me a soft gentle kisses.
Lay her head into my chest.
She looked into my eyes.
Her blue eyes  kind and gentle. She told me.
“Even the unlucky can find love.”

“We must create a bridge.
Base on the real things that are important.
Make only true promises.
We expect to carry out.”

We sat by the river.
The Texas sun is appearing from the east.

A broken man and a Angel who lost her wings.

Today we begin a new dance.
In the paradise of love and emotion.

Sweet woman told me.
“We must live through hell.
To know love.”

I brought her close.
I whispered thank you.
I told her “love takes time and a lot of luck.”

I kissed her sweet lips.
Brought her close to me.

I whispered.
“We must strive to be kind.
Maybe the splendor of love.
Will come back.”

“Into our heart and soul? ”