Love, dance and celebrate being alive.


The Pacific

The Pacific

Love, Dance and celebrate being alive.

She was so beautiful. Five foot eleven inches in height. A slim and perfect body. Tan legs I desired to caress the moment I saw her walk by me one morning. Long flowing brown hair. Dark brown eyes that could melt me away fear with a smile and a tender look.

She would tease me at the beginning. Asked me take me to Big Surf.  She told me. “I want to walk nude on the beach. Lay all day on the beach for you to see me all day. “We were not lover’s yet.  She knew how to make me smile.  I would contemplate it and offered a ride to Big Surf as soon as possible.

We got to Big Surf.  It was always too damn cold for even the nudist. We went to the River Inn and drank a lot of beer and whiskey. Enjoyed the silence.  Watching the beauty of the people and river flowing.  At the River Inn the booze was good and  always live music on Saturday. She asked me to read poetry to her. She laid her head in my lap. I read poetry to her by the river at River Inn. Watching my beautiful woman relax laying topless with the warm of the California Sun finally allowing the heat of the day to appear.

I would look into her brown eyes and listen.  She had great dreams.  She loved my wild spirit. I was famous for the crazy things I did. I met her the first time at the Military clinic. I messed up my ribs suicide boarding the big storm of Winter on the Monterey coast. She asked to hear the story.

I fell in love with her the first moment she walk by me in her P.T shorts. Her tan long legs made me crazy. I was five foot eight inches in height. She was close to six feet.  I timed my lunches so I could eat with her.  I was afraid to ask her out.  She was so beautiful.  The third lunch  together she asked. Would I take her to San Francisco?   I said no problem.

I picked her up. She wore a short skirt and tight t-sheet. No bra. I couldn’t look at her too long. I thank the Lord of life and death for this beautiful woman. We got to San Francisco late in the evening. We roamed the city for hours. Finding all the secret corner of the wild and fun city. We found a bar that made homemade beer. We drank till we were blinded.

We awoke in the back of my truck. I was laying on her chest. Slobbering all over her breast. We laughs and begin a new day roaming San Francisco.

Now months later. We have traveled the coastline many times. Trying to see everything. We are sitting on the beach in Santa Cruz. She asked me “What is life? Just a road aiming toward death?”

I brought her to her feet. We begin to dance on the beach. I kissed her sweet lips. Brought her body close. Whispered ” life is to love, dance and celebrate being alive.”

She had a apartment. She ran inside and took a shower. I sat in her small apartment. A bed, dresser and a small kitchen. $1,000 a month for a studio apartment in Monterey. She came out wrap in a small towel. Told me my back is sore. I told her lay down and I will give you a massage. She has a sparkle in her eye tonight. I never try to have sex with her. Soft kisses, holding hands and laughter held us together.

I got the lotion. Caressed her left foot first. I could see her strong and perfect body. Her towel was gone now. She wasn’t afraid. She wasn’t young or innocence. She looked at me as I rubs lotion on her leg. I rotated to the other leg caressing slow and easy. I kissed her foot and legs..  She asked “What will happen to us? I whispered ” I don’t know. I will be leaving for Texas. You are going to stay here in Monterey to be a nurse.”

She turned around. Wrapped her body around me. Kissed me and whispered. ” Time for us to dance into the  joy of pleasure . For us to forget common sense and proper thoughts. Real love is wild and free. Real pleasure is giving the ultimate ride into the turmoil of pleasure and ecstasy.”

In the morning I got up early. Brought bread and coffee to her. She asked. “Was last night Ok?” I told her. “I have no place to go now. I know paradise now. Only way for me to go is hell now.” She smiled and told me. “You owe me a few poems now.” I told her. “I owe you a thousand poems.”

A tear comes to her eyes. She asked.  “Stay every night till you leave. I need you here with me.”  I whispered. ‘ I will”.  I didn’t want to say much. I had less than a month at Fort Ord., Ca. I would be going to Fort Hood, Texas soon.

We traveled less now. We went to the Monterey Bay. Drank and talks till the sun appears. We both like the taste of beer and whiskey. We were a good partnership for an early death.

I held her close every night. Breathing in her sweet smell of her hair. Caressing her leg legs and wishing for these days never to end. My heart was breaking. We never spoke of love. I read to her often poetry and stories of love. I believe we passed that stage where love is the salvation. The true test of love is 50 years together and holding on.

At the end she was stronger than me. The passion and emotion of our sex got harder and more desperate. She told me on a  night at the hill on Pacific Grove. “Old Poet. Life ain’t fair. My ass isn’t going to Texas. You are not going AWOL. We will stay friends and have so much to remember.”

“We loved, danced and celebrated being alive.”

“I love you sweet Poet.”

I kissed her.
Told her she will be my last sweet dream.
I will always love you too.