In the valley of the Devils and the Angels.


025_25In the Valley of the Devils and the Angels.

I have play the sinner.
Danced in the sweat and passion of
liar’s emotions.

Made so many promises.
I couldn’t keep.

I told bloody lies to undress beautiful woman.

To swim in the heat of warm lips.
Their warmth brought me to the pinnacle
of passion and desire.
I examine their bodies.
Trying to learn all the secret places.
Desperate searches that increased my
hunger with each touch.

In the Valley of Devils and Angels.

The woman smiled.
She whispered.  “If you desire I will be your lover.
Do anything you desire.”
She smiled. Told me.
“I’m good at love.
I’m good at hate.’

She kneels between my legs.
Laid  her head down into my lap.
I caressed her hair and shoulders.
I feel my hunger increase with her soft breasts against me.

She whispered.
“Men and woman are the same.
Just want to feel needed.
Feel the heat of a body against us.
Someone crying out our name.”

Sweet words.
Gifts for the rebirth of passion and emotion.
Kind words.
Thankfulness for fullfilling the hunger
of the flesh.

We lay together.
Naken under the lights of the cheap motel windows.
Soft caresses and tender kisses led us to the dance
of passion and emotion.
Unlocking walls of safety.

We fell  asleep.
Our bodies entwined together.

I awoke early.
I caressed her beautiful and soft skin.
I smell her sweet perfume and inhale.
I kiss and taste her skin.

She awoke and smile.
Her gratitude for someone to appreciate her and
care for her.

The morning light bring two naked strangers.
She asked did I have a good time?

I smiled and I told  her.
In the twisted game of love.
I’m thankful for her.
I’m thankful for the time we were together.

I’m thankful for her gifts to me.
Rare gift of love and emotion.
We allow to happen in a life.

She kissed me.
Told me. “Thank you.
You can find me again my kind friend. If you desire?”

I whispered.
Let’s hold on a little longer.
Maybe the road can get better?

June 2009