Solitude and seclusion.


Never again. Sweet words that lasted but a few moment in time.

Never again. Sweet words that lasted but a few moment in time.

My time in the Middle East.

My time in the Middle East.

Solitude and seclusion.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Easy to be blind then see the real world?


                                Solitude and seclusion.

(Man is weak by his own hand, for he has refashioned God’s into his own.)
Kahlil Gibran

I’m swimming in shit and blood.
World falling to anger and hate.
Men crying out for war.

Dumb ass leaders in North Korean threaten to use Nuclear weapons.
50 nuclear war heads can destroy this world.
Do they think before they speak?
The leader’s in North Korea will sign death warrant for 25 million people.
Powerful nations need a excuse to test weapons.
14 nuclear submarines with a 1000 mile range are waiting.
A fool will test death. Death will win.

Poor nations torn apart by powerful nations.
Leaving them confused and abused.
Gifts of help by the berserkers is like the Devil dancing on your grave after
making you pay with losing all you held valuable.

The world had lost control.
Nuclear reactor in Japan dumped in the sea.
Oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and the Dead sea.
One animal or plant extinct with each new day.
Sickness and starvation stealing life on every continent.
We are dancing on a edge where no-one will win.

War are won and lost.
The winner may celebrate.
The loser had no reason to celebrate.
Losers in war. The people of the country pay for the sin of foolish leaders.

Once great Middle East countries are tearing themselves apart.
Great cities are in rubble.
People homeless and desperate.
Who is winning?  No-one!

We need a moment to halt the hate and misery. A moment to taste the pain and suffering.

I watch my world swim in shit and blood.
I can do nothing.
I live far away from war.
But I’m wise. I know war maybe far away. When war is alive and strong.
It is close to all people on this planet.

People tell me.
War is part of our nation.
War is necessary to fix all problems.
Need to revenge. This is a eye for a eye world.
I tell them. When war is in your backyard.
Your kids dying for your lack of concern.
You will understand.
Blood want and need more blood.

I sit in solitude and seclusion.
I burn the sage.
I whisper to the wildflowers and old trees.
Please bring sanity to my world.

I ask the pro-war folks.
Do you want your child to die for a rich nations to keep control?
My answer is silence..

Last week.
Terrorist killed three innocent people in Boston.
7,000 miles from the war.
War will find us.
Hate and violence lead men to foolish places and actions.

I put my feet into the cold river.
I ask the spirit of life and death.
Please bring sanity to my world.

In the end.
We are one people and one planet.

Thank you for reading.

© 2013 Coyote Poetry