Sweet Peggy


The Palmetto Expressway northbound near Hialea...

The Palmetto Expressway northbound near Hialeah in metropolitan Miami (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




Sweet Peggy.

She is sitting alone in the warm  Florida’s evenings.

She is raw, sexy and like a
wild cat in the tropics.

She is hungry, desperate and passionate. Drinking the hard stuff to blind her from  real life and memory.
Her dreams are confused,
twisted and  never fulfilled.

Her dreams got twisted,
goals got lost somewhere.
Her destiny took her to places that left her empty and alone.

Loneliness, desire and  reaching out too late.
Left her stone cold today. Finding peace in good whiskey and sex with people wanting and needing nothing.

She is hopeless, afraid and she is dreaming of love lost.
Leaving her wishing to had held on to a old lover and friend.

She called me on the phone.
Asked me to stop by please.
I stay with her for a while. My destiny was 2500 mile away.
I left her alone. Hard to find kindness and love.
When the highway is blocked by disappointment and fear.

Time, age and
wisdom is learn with pain and many tests.

Love, forgiveness and sadness is all we have left.

I hope sweet Peggy could open locked door.  Sad to die alone and  in wasted memories.

John Coyote