Memorial day.

Memorial day.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry











Memorial day.

I have stood with 15,000 Soldiers.
A division of Soldier believing in freedom and the America way.
Willing to protect and make sure all people are free.

Here in the USA.
A melting pot of 300 million people.
Who knows good and hard times.
We do our best to get along.
Do our best to care for neighbors and friends.

Standing in a place where freedom of choice is allowed.
Freedom to think.
Option to aim at your dreams and goals is allowed.
Only limit is the wall of fears we create.

Freedom was created by blood of brave men and woman.














I stood at funeral of men who died in faraway wars.
Their family stood stronger than me.
The brother of my friend killed in Iraq.
Told the world on a large painting on his fence in his yard.


My wish is simple for the People of the USA on July fourth.
For each of us to look at what we have.
To remember the good people missed in our life.
Be thankful for the opportunity to do great things or nothing.














USA is 237 years old on July fourth.
We can choose to go to school.
We can choose to work.
We can choose to love or fight.
We can choose the good or bad road.

This is our home.
Stand strong and proud.
The USA flag still stand for hope and opportunity.

I was born poor and had nothing.
I have what I need today.
Family is healthy and strong.
I’m thankful to live in a country where we will die to stay free.

Thank you for reading.