She is still my sweet dream.















She is still my sweet dream.

(I knew life was unfair. Few times in a life you meet someone.
Who set your soul afire. Wisdom brought me the knowledge.
Some woman can’t be held prisoner. Need to be friends and lovers.
Be content when a kind woman allow you into her heart and souls
for a time.)

I was intoxicated by her beauty.

When I saw her.
She rendered me helpless.

I pursue her.
Without her suspecting my desires.

I visualized caressing those long legs.
Looking into those beautiful brown eyes.

Using strategy and timing.
I met with her for breakfast and lunches.

Her long brown hair flowed down to her lower back.

Her almost six foot frame body.
Perfect and sensuous.
Made me hunger to see her.
Hear her voice.

I intrigue her with stories of spiritual journeys.
Walking the edge of no fear or sanity.

She wanted to dance the line of insanity.
She stole my mind and heart.
Her words expedite my desire and lust.
To be able to touch and discover
every hidden part of her body and soul.

Woman are wise.
She knew I wanted more.
She saw my desire in my eyes and touch.

I restrain and rendered friendship.

Many trips together.
We saw the great storms of winter and traveled the coastline.
I took her everywhere with me.
Dancing in the powerful waves
with only the suicide board as a safety.

We held each tightly on cold nights on the beach.
Laughing and drinking whiskey  on the lonely beaches.
Not fearing tomorrow.

We roam the Big Surf.
She like laying nude in the sun.
I caress her with suntan lotion.
Thanking the lord of life and death.
For good days in a life.

We would go to River Inn.
I would read her my poetry.
She lays her head in my lap.
We drank beer and wine.
We talk of great deeds to come.

We roamed the  great cities.
Closing bars and falling together in the
back seat of my truck.
From Long beach to San Francisco.

I was endanger of leaving soon.
I would kiss her.
Give her long and gentle massages.

I was trying to remember every intimate part
of her beautiful body.

She was sad with our time ending soon.
I was to transfer to Fort Hood, Texas.
We were drinking beer and Jim Beam.

She asked me.
Her brown eyes looking into my eyes.

Will you remember me my Poet?

I whispered “I will remember you.
Every time I think of something beautiful.
Every time I see the sea or a perfect sky.
I will  remember your beautiful face.”

She lays on a mattress.
I caressed her legs.
I whispered should we allow the flames of desire
to erode to sex?

She took off her cloth.
Allowed me to  rub  lotion on her soft and perfect body.
Slowly caressing her from feet to neck.

She brought me to her.
Held me tightly.
We lay together.
Shared sweet kisses and needed warmth.

We may of made love often.

We listen to each other dreams and desire.

Her beautiful memory still can leave me weak.

Desiring one more day with my friend and lover.

She is still my sweet dream.

May 2009

Love and friendship is the gifts we can give with the knowing.
A friend is forever. Kindness bring kindness. Love bring hope.