It is alright my friend. Karma is a fair judge.






It is alright my friend. Karma is a fair judge.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


We need peace and calm. Need to put away the anger.


                           It is alright my friend. Karma is a fair judge.

It is alright my friend.
A new day is arising.
We don’t need to look back.
What done is done.

Greed had won.
Great countries had fallen.
Europe and the USA indebted.
Greed had broke the backs of great nations.

Wealthy men who made money off the poor man
sweat and blood are paying their dues.
Poor man don’t have far to fall.
Learn to live with little for a long time.

Rich man fat with steak, huge houses and
complaining about the poor.
I hope they taste dirt and know what hunger and being homeless is.

It is time to quit spending and sending our USA money on foreign lands.
Who don’t want us on their land and dislike our way of life.
We need to fix our house first. A broken house cannot help another home
when they need repair first.

Our Soldier’s blood is spill for hateful and revengeful nations.
Time to bring our Soldiers home. Protect the borders.
Increase security for anyone entering our borders.
We don’t want their crook and terrorist in the USA.

Easy fixes.
Washington D.C is filled with useless people. Fire them all. Less Federal Government.
We need full time work with good pay.
Invest in education and new jobs.
Offer incentives to companies to open and create work and hope.

We are not lazy in the USA.
Just tire and disappointed in what we have left for the upcoming generation.

It will be alright my friend.
USA had suffer though many hard times.
We need to hold our ground.
Keep freedom and hope alive.

A new day is a-coming.
Don’t look back.
What done is done.

What is important.
What will you do today?

June 20, 2013

© 2013 Coyote Poetry