Wisdom of a wasted life.

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Wisdom of a wasted life

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Sometime is hard to see beyond our own life.


             Wisdom of a wasted life.

When we are born.
Even the poorest of people have opportunities.

Outcasts and poor folks seem to work harder.
They appreciate every small or large victory.
They grasp books and reach for knowledge.

I have always hated lazy people.
They beg and cry for having nothing.
Their hands always reaching out for money and handouts.

I have known people who lived off the life of other people.
One day no-one is left.
They can’t function enough to buy themselves a meal.

Who is to blame?
I believe someone should of kick their ass like my father did to me.
Told me make money and get a education.
Only respect for a Ojibwa/Mexican is education and money.

Today my mind isn’t no good.
Body is beaten from raising too much hell.
I loss my memory from drinking.
The 120 shots I received in the Army took from my body and mind.
I don’t blame no-one.

No-one forced the beer and wine down my throat.
I join the Army twice to wander off to War.
I could of learn from Hemingway and Mark Twain.
War is shit.
No-one wins in the end.

World was never real pretty.
Then I saw  my baby girl being born.
I quit walking the edge and quit drinking.
I had a purpose to be alive.

I wasted 37 years looking for one reason to be alive.

Now today I know the world is simple.
Nothing good in a life comes easy.
Hard work make a man wise and at peace.
We need to appreciate every new day.

We need to be thankful for days with family.
Be thankful for the kind people in our life.
Be thankful for good health.

Give what we can to the poor and helpless.
Karma is a fair judge.
Love isn’t forever.
Friendship is.

In the end.
We must look into the mirror.
We must like the person looking back.

In the end.
We need to think before we speak.
Nothing good to say. Say nothing.


© 2010 Coyote Poetry