Can return no more.

English: Willow tree by Fenditch Lane

English: Willow tree by Fenditch Lane (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Can return no more.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Words and actions can create bridges that can’t be repaired.


Can return no more

We can dwell in paradise,
Swim in pleasure and sweet dreams.
We will believe time is our friend.

We know the  sun will rise and fall into the sea and
the dust will turn into night. Love will grow and falter.

Lucky lovers know.
Love is measured in seconds,
a lucky person knows to hold on tight when the fire is hot.

We are vulnerable to weaknesses,
love will decay and the heart will turn cold.
Pretty faces who sweet lips made us feel safe,
Can’t be found no-more.

Beautiful maiden who spark hope and desire,
once were young and hopeful.
We left them alone to learn sadness and pity.

Woman are gifts to wise men.
A man with common sense
is kind and gentle with his lover.
Ensure she is content and her wishes are fulfilled.

When the heart grow old and tire.
We learn too late,
can return no more.

Beautiful places and faces,
only rise up in sweet dreams.
The heart will die a thousand times and
the farewells will lay heavy upon the heart and mind.

I learn to hold my muses close.
I whisper with words on paper.
A foolish person extinguished the fire of love too soon.
A wise person hold on till the ecstasy of passion fade away
and the love is gone.

Love is like the four seasons.
We will change and become different.
True love will grow and change like the seasons.
Better to be like a willow tree in the Spring.

Able to move and dance with the wind.

Coyote/John Castellenas