Vinegar and sweet wine.

Vinegar and sweet wine

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Funny how life can get twisted. For the bad and the good.

















Vinegar and sweet wine

Did I thank you my beautiful and sweet Brigitte?
I’m leaving  on  plane very soon for my real home.
You came back into my life to say goodbye.
You are sitting between my legs.
I caress your hair as you lay your head against my chest.

I whisper “You saved my life once. Life was lost in my mind. Time became seconds
ticking away waiting for nothing. On a cold winter day. You found me alone with the whiskey
and bad thoughts.” You told me.  “Love is like vinegar and sweet wine. Love begin so sweet and
if we don’t be kind and gentle. Sweet wine can turn to vinegar.”

Sweet Brigitte walked softly into my life.
Walking softly on old memories.
Trying to replace pain with tender touches and soft kisses.
Time allowed our love to grow.
We spend a year in the heat of a sweet and kind love.

With my time becoming short in the beauty of Germany.
I saw in her eyes the fear.
Love do have limits.
I wanted my home and she needed her home.
We separated for the reasons of the safety of the heart.
There is a time where people must decide.
Better to walk away politely then to be torn apart by circumstances.

Today I hold you close.
I whispered “I never stop loving you.
You are my only sweet dream in my life.
I will always remember my beautiful Brigitte.
I never felt as safe as when I was in your arms.
You will be a sweet dream always.”

Brigitte give me many sweet kisses.
We fall together on her soft bed.
She hold me tightly.

She whisper. ” Love can be so sweet and then have the aftertaste of vinegar.
I will miss my Poet. Please be strong and don’t forget me.”

I ask her again.
“Did I thank you my beautiful Brigitte for being my lover and teacher that love
can be sweet and kind? You will be the sweet wine in the memory of a man who loved a
kind and wonderful woman once.”


© 2012 Coyote Poetry