A Cinematic Paean to Britain’s ‘Schindler’

A positive story. One man effort saved many people. These are the kind Angels walking with us.

Truth, Praise and Help

This article was first published in The Times of Israel.

British mother choosing adoptive child in Winton´s office

Dave Lux remembers that he lived with his family in an isolated rural area in Slovakia near the Hungarian border, and that his father was a baker in a nearby village. He also recalls that his parents fled with him and his older brother the day after some soldiers came to their house in spring 1939.

They ended up being held by the authorities with other families in a building, where a blonde woman came to convince parents to give up their children for their safety.

“My parents were the only parents that agreed to let their children go with her,” Lux, 80, says. “I remember that when it came time for us to leave, my mother was crying hysterically and asking us over and over if we were sure we wanted to go. We said yes, since we thought we were…

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