A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Change is needed when we are locked in. Never know what is around the next turn?



I sat with a kid of 23 at a Austin, Texas tavern.
Consumed with anger and disappointment.
He told me. I’m dead. Killed off all friends and love is dead and buried.

I ordered him and me a double shot of Black Velvet whiskey.
I told him. “Drink with me to woman missed. People we hurt and wounded. Drink
with me to things gone and can’t be repaired.”

He drank the drink.
Asked me. ” Can we  escape the things we did? Do you live with it or seek forgiveness?”

I laugh at him and told him. ” Hard to do the right things always. We change and the people
and the world around us fall behind or a head of us. Better to be positive and hope for a good landing.”

He told me. He lost his first love. His job was no good. He saw nothing good for him anywhere.

I order another double of Black Velvet. I told him.
Life is hell sometimes. Changes will happen often. Love isn’t fair.
Today we drink Black velvet for my first love. I lost her 30 year ago.
A German beauty who promise me forever and forever was very short.

Words can become meaningless with age.
Mistakes will be many.
I found sweeter and better love in life later. My German girl did teach me.
Love with all you got. Hold on tight and enjoy the ride.

Change is life.
I have changed my life four times completely.
I was a soldier and lover once. I was a working and successful business man for a time.
I rejoined the Army for war to escape sadness. Now today I’m old and gray.
Phrase four of my life is a Grandfather who know to cherish family and good times.

My new friend smiled. He asked me could he tell me his story?
I told him. “Old tavern and old men have time to listen. But you decide your life. Dance, sing,
travel and test life. Suicide board or surf  in the great storms. Climb to the highest peak and ask God for advice and watched the hawks and eagles fly. Learn from love mistakes and become a better lover and man. ”

I smiled. I told the young man. “I will listen. Night is young and the music in good in the old tavern tonight.

The kid held wisdom. Ordered another double of Black Velvet. He raised the shot glass and spoke. “To your German girl and for my lost true love. Thank you for the dance and I tried to remember the good days.”

We touched shot glasses and he told me his tale.

July 2013

© 2013 Coyote Poetry