Sacrifice and blasphemy.


Sacrifice and blasphemy

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Freedom is very costly.



I will never forget freedom.
Just promise
Please promise
That you never forget me.

(By Poet Dorene Oliver
Dedicated to missed friends.)

Sacrifice and blasphemy

Sitting alone in a grave yard.
By a  missed friend grave.
Traces of a good man are still left..
Forgotten among the wild northern Michigan flowers.

I remained with him and I lose myself.
I’m tire.
I’m tame and sober.
Trying to remember  my friend  face.

I remember he loved WWF.
I remember he loved Bud light.
I remember he loved his two girls.

My spirit had eroded.
Veterans come home.
Broken in heart and spirit.
They are isolated and misread.

Veteran Hospitals.
Sparse in funds.

Sent soldiers home with prescriptions.

Tragedy of War.
Leave shells of men.
Reflecting on deeds done.

Shameless Senators and House Representatives.
Give billions for guns and death.

Tarnish young men and woman.
Wallow in misery.

They will rise up.
Revive their hopes.

Hear voices of missed comrades.
Must go forward.
For their friends who cannot go on.

My friend’s smile and laughter I remember.
He would tell me.
Get up dumb ass.
You be alright.

Please remember the soldiers.
Over 300,000 Soldier are standing tall for us.

Remember Veterans on election day.
Vote out these Senators and House representative.
Who don’t support the returning Veterans.



© 2010 Coyote Poetry