Wasted words and lonely nights.


Wasted words and lonely nights.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


The lessons of love are taught to harden or soften the heart.


Wasted words and lonely nights

I found her sitting alone in the corner of the bar.

 She  get up and hugs me. Give me a simple kiss.

We sit in a strange silence.


I go back in time when the sparkle in her blue eyes could light up the world around her.

I remembered how badly I wanted her .

How I twisted my world backwards just to spend a few moments with her.

My only desire was to kiss her sweet lips and hold her body near.


Now she  sit alone with sad eyes and no Will to love again.

She  ask me “Was I still playing the bastard still?”


I didn’t answer.

I said too many wasted words on her  and my heart broke every time I thought of her her sitting alone. Desiring nothing.


She  was  young when I met her.

 Her  life wasn’t so tough.

She was   tender and innocent.

A heart easily broken.


I was just after another conquest.

Just another piece a flesh to add to my sadistic heart.


We sat in a deadly silence.

I ask was she  Ok?


She looks at me and ask” Do you think of me?


I don’t try to apologize.

Words from a liar don’t mean a hell of a lot.


I told her I thought of her often.

I worried for her.

I got up and I told her she must rise up and live again.


She looked at me with clear blue eyes.

She whispered “Some of us don’t live to use and abuse.

Take time to heal.”


I go to my truck and I felt tears rolling down my face.

I broke my own heart when I left her to be alone in her bed to go conquer another poor soul.


The funny part she won’t know what she taught me.

Lonely nights and repenting for deed done left a empty and sad heart.



                     15 march 1984

© 2010 Coyote Poetry