Sweet freedom

Freedom of Speech (painting)

Freedom of Speech (painting) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Freedom is very costly. How many have died for freedom? We allow freedom to die without a fight. The men and woman who died for us to be free are rolling in their graves.


                           Sweet Freedom

Sweet freedom.
To be able to decide life.
To have opportunity for success or failure.
To speak our mind without fear.

I stood with a division of Soldiers.
15,000 Soldiers willing to fight and die for freedom.
We thought for we stood for free men and woman in the USA.

Here in the USA.
Freedom is being stole.
Basic rules of the constitution being torn apart by leaders with self goals.

Freedom of speech.
Is the basic of the USA way.

Freedom to demonstrate.
Is the USA way.

Separation of religion/business and government is necessary.

Today the media is controlled.
Today internet is watched and controlled.
Today you can be arrested for demonstrating for basic rights.

Soon we will forget sweet freedom.

I lost brothers in arms to war.
I pray their death wasn’t meaningless.
Today free people need to stand for freedom.
Or freedom will become a myth and we left nothing for our children.

Real Americans should be pissed off.

Our leadership made demonstrating a felony.
What is next?. Tax prisons.  Too late. Already done by our dead-beat leaders.

Thank you for reading.
Every American should write their leaders. Tell them.
This is the USA.
We want our freedom back. This isn’t Russia.


© 2013 Coyote Poetry