Don’t look at me with disappointment.

Don’t look at me with disappointment.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Better to walk alone then to walk with the dead in spirit.


                         Don’t look at me with disappointment.
Don’t look at me.
Don’t give me those sad looks of disappointment.
I don’t care what you see.I’m breaking down walls.
I’m not afraid.
Like you, a robot.
Walking the walk of a machine.

All you got is death to wish for.
For your simple dreams and goals will break your heart.

I will laugh.
I did not believe in the rules of the government.
I saw the signs of failure.
I question the  policies and rules.

Give me the morning sunrise.
Time to dance and sing.
Allow the powerful ocean to wash away the dirty rules.
Give me time to find calm and friendship.

I don’t want your dirty dreams.
I don’t want to hear your lies.
There are too many people already waiting for death.

I want life.
I want to swim in the big ocean storms.
Free climb to high peaks and give thanks to Nature.
I want to feel every pleasure that can be felt.

Give me sweet wine and good beer.
Sweet women to dance with and find laughter.
Give me time to appreciate Nature.

I won’t allow you to punish me for seeking a different way then you.

I will watch your sad faces.
As I run down the empty beaches.
Looking for peace and calm in this world.
Eating life-like a hungry child.

Life is to be lived.
Not hide behind rules and laws that will blind you from the beauty
of a new day.

Run with the wind. Dance with the sea. Celebrate every second of life.


© 2010 Coyote Poetry