Can we tell the truth from a lie.

Can we tell the truth from a lie?

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Some honest words to think about


(please listen to this song. She made me happy. She was thinking and told a real story in her song.)

                    Can we tell the truth from a lie?

The cost of the Police actions in the Middle East worth the stealing from education?

FY12 Federal Budget Spending Estimates
for Fiscal Years 2011 – 2016

Units: By default, values are displayed in billions of dollars. By using a dropdown control in the table heading you can select millions of dollars, percent of GDP, percent of federal total, percent of overall total, dollars per capita of population, and thousand dollars per capita of population.

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US Federal Government Spending
Budget Estimates for FY12
Spending Estimates from US Federal FY12 Budget
View: people default radical census COFOG
FY 2011
FY 2012
FY 2013
FY 2014
FY 2015
FY 2016
[+] Pensions 793.2 805.6 854.5 901.4 950.5 1,007.8
[+] Health Care 882.0 866.1 920.0 1,042.2 1,129.9 1,233.0
[+] Education 129.8 121.1 118.1 118.0 123.4 128.7

[+] Drill-down: Click on the [+] to drill down to more detailed numbers. For federal spending line items (but not revenue) you can drill down three levels to view about 4,000 items of spending at the “agency code” level.
Defense 964.8 925.2 868.1 863.5 878.5 901.8
[+] Welfare 495.6 431.5 405.4 389.0 378.7 380.3
[+] Protection 60.7 58.7 58.1 57.8 57.8 60.6
[+] Transportation 94.5 104.9 110.3 112.1 114.2 117.6
[+] General Government 33.2 32.6 29.2 30.5 28.7 34.7
[+] Other Spending 158.4 141.5 86.4 45.1 33.7 41.0
[+] Interest 206.7 241.6 321.0 417.5 494.3 562.2
[+] Balance 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0
[+] Total Spending 3,818.8 3,728.7 3,770.9 3,977.1 4,189.8 4,467.8
[+] Federal Deficit 1,645.1 1,101.2 767.5 644.6 606.7 648.7
[+] Gross Public Debt 15,476.2 16,654.3 17,750.5 18,761.2 19,775.5 20,82

These numbers are fact. We need to think before we vote and accept poor leadership. Many questions can be born if we think. Number one question.
Who and why are we in the Middle East? Is war declared?
Do we have we a Army or a Police action type military?
Why are we spending one trillion on war?
Do you know that does not count the V.A Hospital cost of almost 400 billion
for Soldiers wounded?
Why are there 40 million people on food stamps?
Why have 20 million men and woman who gave up?

Can we tell the truth from a lie?

Poor men and woman at work.
Hours cut from 40 hours to 28.
Big boss tell them.
“Nothing we can do.
You can get unemployment and welfare.”
They walk out with tears and not understanding.
They work hard and what did they get.
Nothing from big business!

A Mama asked me to watch her daughter. My daughter best friend.
She lost her home and have no job.
My door is open for the girl and mother too.
No children or person should be homeless and alone.

Obama spend almost three million for a field trip to England.
3 million dollars can buy some bread and meat for the soup in a lot of soup kitchens.

1.1 billion dollar for House of Representatives to live on. $2.3 for each man and woman for food and office. Michigan will pay $41.4 million for out 18 people to eat like pigs and live like kings. 41.4 million could help many people.

I must steal a Neil Young line. “Come a time when we ain’t blind.” Pass a bill to cut the pension of Senators and House representative Federal and State.  You would be amazed how much money we pay for the people in-charge. Retired and active.

“Poor babies don’t you cry.
Mama will make you some food.
40 million people on food stamp.
Obama say we are fine.
We will eat our bread and peanut butter.
Be glad.
Tomorrow can’t get worst?”

The wave of anger must start.
A man or woman who wait for miracles.
Will died wishing he stood tall and fought for the right things.
Better to be part of life.
Then be forgotten like the middle and lower income class.

I don’t know what can be done?
I tell you young and bright children.
Better fight for your rights to be free.
Best fight for the protection of the natural resources.
Best not allow corporations and big business to control your world.

Time is short.
Time to raise hell.
It is time to stand together.
Many easy answers.

Less government.
No pensions for retire Senators and House representatives.
Big business must be held accounted for downsizing for sake of profit only.
Rich people and big business must pay taxes.
No more huge expense accounts for our so-call leaders.

“Come on children gather around.
I will tell you a story of liar and thieves.
One day the people got tire and demanded change.
The liars create ghosts and war to make the simple mind forget.
They may lose their home and their life.
But the people waited too long.
There was nothing left for them.
I wonder my children?
Is it too late to scream, demonstrate and write/e-mail the leaders.
Tell them.
We are tire.
We want a better ending for the people of the USA and the world.


(A beat dog can rise up  and bite your  ass  if you are not careful.)


© 2011 Coyote Poetry