Dangerous places and beautiful faces.


Dangerous places and beautiful faces.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


It is good to walk upon the edge.


                         Dangerous places and beautiful faces.

Dangerous places and secret rendezvous.
To swim in uncontrolled passion and enjoy the sweet taste of love.

Dancing in the Russian roulette of love.
Where lovers are fearless of consequences and action.

Your beautiful face controlled my thoughts.
No-one or obstacle can delay my journey into your arms.

Your beautiful brown eyes steal my heart and mind.

I know we are dancing on trouble water.
Where no-one can survive.

We do not fear the ending.
Our hunger to fall deeper into the heat of desire is our only goal.

Love and time isn’t fair.
The sweet taste of love please the lovers.
Blind them to the road blocks and the separation.

Dangerous places and beautiful faces are the reasons
the lovers have no fear of the payment to know the pleasure
of true love.

Love can be reverse by situation and force separation.
In the loneliness of a impossible love.
Lovers hold on to hope of another rendezvous where
no-one can separation them.


© 2013 Coyote Poetry