Sad brown eyes

Sad brown eyes

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Love should bring joy. Not sadness.
































Sad brown eyes

A brown eye angel is crying in our bedroom for me.


In a turmoil of a kind love.

A paradise of burning emotion.

You can create a strange prison.


I held her too tightly.

I didn’t hold her enough.


The fine line of giving and taking leave you confused.


Love held on by a few words won’t last the night.

I try to speak softly and don’t create a wall of hate.


When life’s disappointments surround you.

Slow down and think.


I close my eyes.

Re-set my thoughts.

Allow the pain to evaporate into the night.


I told her “I love you since the first moment I looked into your brown eyes..”

We sat  together in a silence and  I held  her tightly.


I whispered. “Stop the fear and hate before the walls of love falls down forever.

In a nightmare  you  didn’t love me. I was alone”


I fell to my knees and prayed at her feet.

“My only wish.

Please don’t leave my life.”


I open my eyes and my brown eye Angel embraced me.

She told me. “You are my first real love.

When you leave me. I will never be complete again.”


I whispered “I love you and I need you.

Your love made a man running in circles find peace.”


Sweet dreams can become nightmares.


A wise man is gentle with his wife and children.


Love bring love. Kindness bring kindness.


Some words should never be spoken.


For words can break a heart forever.


I will go to my brown eye angel and beg for forgiveness.



     October 1994



© 2012 Coyote Poetry