55years and wanting more

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55 years and wanting more..

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Funny how we change view on life. Age teach us to want more and less.


                         55 years and wanting more

Another birthday is here.
August 11th.
I somehow survived 55 years.

I remember when I was part of the know it all generation.
Over 40. Can’t trust them.
I wanted to die young.
39 years and done it all.

I did tried to kill myself the old fashion way.
I drank for 20 years.
Booze couldn’t kill me.
Woman almost did.

A unholy life can lead you to hell or heaven.
When you dance with the Devil.
You like the dance or not.

Pursuit of woman, adventure and new highs.
Left me alone.

I did find God.
I found God in the ocean.
I found God in the ridges of mountains.
God showed me the free waterfalls.
Only the free-climbers could swim in and be washed of sin by.

I tried to find death.
I volunteer for wars.
I suicide boarded the Winters storm and free climbed every mountain in the western USA

I drank in every tavern on Highway 35 in Texas.
I was saved by people worst off than me.
Drunks tell the truth.

I will turn 55 years old soon.
I tell the young people. Test life, have fun and travel.
You are only young and foolish for a time.

Would I repeat my foolish actions?
I believe I would.

Today I’m a Grandfather.
I have reasons to stay alive.
I want to take my grandson to the ocean.
Take my grandsons to the ridges where you can see forever.

I have lost many good friends and elders.
Today I live become they could not.
Someone must remind their kids.
They were loved once by great people.

Thank you for reading.
Old men speak of the past with honor and respect for things lost and can’t
be found.



© 2013 Coyote Poetry