My lady

035_35My lady

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


An old poem written by a sad heart."

My lady
My lady ,
I still cry out in sweet dreams your name.So long since our lips had touched.
I still wish upon a star,
to be able to look into your eyes.I wish to awake with your body near.
To put my face into your long blond hair.
Be intoxicated by my love for you.I wish to hold your tender hands on a walk by the lake.
Two  young titans with love as our shield.My lady of joy and happiness.
Allow me to remember you sweetly.
For only in your arms did I feel complete.Salvation I cannot find.
The knife of disappointment is cutting away my tenderness.
Your love is the only loss I can’t get over.My lady,
dressed in white.
Your long blond hair flowing in the gentle breeze.
I dreamed you were whispering.
“I will only love you.”

I have tried to erase your memory.
The memory is tattoos on my heart.
Paradise is rarely touched in a life.

Youth is the greatest high.
We were babies making great dreams happen.
Paradise of candles and the heat of love.
I didn’t know sweet dreams would break my heart forever.

My lady of tenderness.
Your beautiful face will not be forgotten.
You were my first true love.

A sweet memory upon an old heart today.


© 2010 Coyote Poetry