What men are capable of…


What men are capable of…

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


I saw bad things in my life. What men have done for their hate.


  What men are capable of.

What legacy will we leave?
I hope no more then we were
the one’s who stood by and
allow the Wars and disease
to deteriorate the dreams
of our children.

I stood by a river in Bosnia.
Dead bodies floating in the current.
Killed for sake of religion.
As I pulled the bodies out.
I was sickened by the deeds of men.

I felt so cold.

Were the Angels watching?
Waiting with open arms for the innocent?

Who is crying for them?

No-one is speaking out for the people in the way
of the war machine and violence.

Men who speak of tales of fabled bogey men.
The profiteer and big business using lobbyist
to keep war coming.
We need to be identify and put them out of business.

Using young men and woman to fight for oil and land…

Life is simple.
Treat people how you desire to be treated.
Religion should be  personal.

I don’t believe the common man and woman would desire war
before peace talks.

I never met a woman or
man who desire  to die.
Never met a Mother or Father who wanted their child
to die in War.

The profiteer and big business hide behind false words and tales
to create the ability to get richer.

What men are capable of?

The great men of peace are rarely heard today;
Block out by stories of ghosts and demons by leaders with
pocket full of lobbyist money.

Cities and towns are now war grounds.
No safe place for the innocent.
Can we stop the terror and violence?

I have stacked the bodies of the innocent.
Just old men and woman.
I pray to the Spirit of the earth, sky and water .
Take care of these poor people.
Please give them peace with you.

Is the world is past the healing point;
Too late for the sheep being led to slaughter.
Who will cry out then?

Too late for the babies being born to chaos and War;
Their dreams and hope.
Cut-off by the hunger and greed of War?

6 August 2009

© 2011 Coyote Poetry