A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Written in 1980. I believed  peace had chance then. What happen to the dream?














(A old poem written when age was my advantage.)
I went to the forest.
I prayed to the sun and  the old willow trees.
I sat with the wild flowers. I watched them blow gently in the breeze.
I asked the Great Spirit to listen.

I dreamed an old dream.

Peace, will come one day.

One day in my life,
I will awake and all children will be safe from violence and hate.

A world of no hate, no violence and all women and children will have
shelter and food.

A utopia of love and peace.
Where education and well being is the concern of a parent.
Not if their son or daughter will fight and die in wars?

Peace I want to see.
Deep in my mind and heart.
I pray for a world where all people have opportunity and hope.

One day where men and women can give thanks for a new day.
Where religion is to prosper the soul and spirit.
Not teach death and murder.

Someday I will wake up in a peaceful place.
One day I hope and pray.

Man anger and hate can fade away to myth and old story.

I pray today for my children and all children.
Men lose their madness to kill all that is beautiful.

Time is very short. Our children will pay for our hate and mistakes.