Quotes of a tire man.

Quotes of a tire man.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Just quotes for today. Few pay attention to a world willing to sacrifice their children for land and oil. We have learn nothing in 5,000 years of history. No-one will win.


                                    War cries
The President and many leaders demanding war.
Old men and woman safe from the blood.
Up to me. I would send the Senate and Congress to war.
Let the greedy old people who demand war fight for their wealth.

Simple grave

Soldiers led by the heart and in search of blind desire.
War leave us many graves yards and many tears.
Great wars were fought
Strong and brave men lay under simple graves.
White crosses simulate the hope we have finally found peace.

The field of glory

Dead things don’t rise up.
Hate and destruction isn’t  the road to peace.
Sending young men and women into battle is it real honor?
Real honor is allowing the children of the world to be safe and have real dreams.
The field of glory leave tattoos of blood and death.
Who will tell the Soldier he is a hero? When he see death and murder in dreams?

Never again

Old words forgotten.
Written on walls where 6-10 million Jews and Gypsies were murdered.
WW2 was the last war my Grandparent‘s thought.
Today brother is killing brother and Great Nations want the taste of blood again.
How many children will die for us to understand?
Never again, Plus Jamais  and Nie Wieder.
How many must die for us to understand.
No winner in war.


© 2013 Coyote Poetry