Quotes from the heart.

Quotes from the heart.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


It is a good day. My third grandson is being born today. Today I have many reasons to be thankful and alive to enjoy the birth of new life and hope.


Life is simple. Love bring love.  Kindness rebirth more kindness.
I learn true wisdom when I learn I wasn’t so important.
The important people are the people we love and care for.

What is life? Who life is more important? I believe every spark of life is precious
in this world. Every child need to know safety and well-being. No larger sin
than to harm a child or a mother.

We know many angels who touch our life and spirit. We must return the gift of love
to balance the love given to us.   (My Grandmother Beulah and my daughter Beulah)

© 2013 Coyote Poetry